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Are you looking for a website that blends important design elements, great marketing tactics and will perform for your company? Based on the principles in “Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets”, WebStores Ltd. builds customer-centric websites.

Internet Marketing

As a result of being on the Internet since 1995, we’ve learned a lot about how to market products and services using the web, from email to search to social media. You can also contract “done-for-you” services, based on your needs.


Learn in the ways that make the most sense to you, whether it be videos, live seminars, training materials or books. As recognized experts in Internet marketing, we teach you to copy the best practices from Amazon and other successful online companies.

Custom Projects

 When you have special programming needs we can help your business. Check out the custom applications which we developed for a variety of organizations. Let us help you build exactly what you need for your business.

  • WordPress websites
  • Mobile responsive websites
  • Retail shopping carts
  • Wholesale shopping carts
  • All social media
  • YouTube videos
  • Email campaigns
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Workshops & Keynotes
  • Educational materials
  • Online classes
  • Live presentations
  • Custom programming
  • ColdFusion & PHP
  • SQL database administration
  • Backend solutions