Email subject lines

In personal contacts with one another, we all like to hear the sound of our name – it makes us feel special. But do people like to see there names in an email or an email subject line? Adding the person’s name to an email subject line or to the body of the email creates an element of personalization. Does this make it more likely that you will open an email, or does this make it look like spam and you delete it without looking at it?

Research shows that personalized emails have a higher open rate, but this topic is highly debated – including at our office. Will adding a person’s name to an email backfire and produce less results? Please take a moment to fill out the poll on the right and voice your opinion in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Email subject lines

  • So if I send you an email that says:
    Fred –
    Did you get my voicemail?
    – Greg

    you would think this was spam just because I used your name in it?

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