3 ways to increase your sales

“Get more new customers” and “sell more to existing customers” are 2 common trains of thought for increasing your sales. Watch this video to learn a 3rd, very effective way to sell more on your website.

Here is what I’m talking about when I say you can increase the size of an order by including additional products as options. This comes from a website that sells saddles and other horse tack. While you could take the Amazon approach and cross sell reins, breastcollars, saddle pads, water bottle holders etc. as separate products (i.e., people who like this also liked…), you can also make them be optional with each saddle purchase. Let them add the reins and saddle pad right now if they want to without picking on another product. Very clever!

Your thoughts?

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  • Dell computers does this as well – making not just a monitor and software part of a new computer purchase, but a printer, UPS, and other pieces of equipment as well. these aren't just cross-sold, but included as options when "building" a computer to purchase.

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