Internet Marketing Works!

This past Sunday I was invited to address attendees at the Denver Mart. This is a prestigious opportunity to speak, as only 3 speakers are selected at each show, which happens only two times per year. Knowing this, I wanted to make the most of this opening. So I didn’t want to leave the attendance to chance – instead I decided to market the event myself. Here’s what I did… […]

Facebook now wants us to pay to reach our fans

In the past, Facebook encouraged small companies to create a business page then get “fans” to “like” your page. The concept remains valid – you create a page for your business and keep those posts separate from your person profile. That way you can post personal messages to your family and friends, and you can Read more about Facebook now wants us to pay to reach our fans[…]

Facebook Revamps News Feed As 'Personalized Newspaper'

Facebook is revamping its most-used feature: its News Feed, making its design more image-focused and mobile-friendly, while providing more ways for people to access specific types of content. The problem Facebook is facing is that more content than ever is flooding its News Feed. That’s because…Read rest of story…

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