26 Mar Send text messages to cell phones via email

    Using the following syntax, you can type an email on your computer and send it as a text message. Since over 70% over cell phone users now text, this may be a great way to get your customer’s attention rather than traditional email. Of course, only short text messages work.

  •     AT&T – cellnumber@txt.att.net
  •     Verizon – cellnumber@vtext.com
  •     T-Mobile – cellnumber@tmomail.net
  •     Sprint PCS – cellnumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com
  •     Virgin Mobile – cellnumber@vmobl.com
  •     US Cellular – cellnumber@email.uscc.net
  •     Nextel – cellnumber@messaging.nextel.com
  •     Boost – cellnumber@myboostmobile.com
  •     Alltel – cellnumber@message.alltel.com


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