There are two things that most business owners mention when it comes to Internet marketing:

“I already have a web guy that does that for me.”

“How do I get listed number one on Google?”

This clearly indicates that a.) They don’t know how to do Internet marketing themselves, and b.) Their current Internet marketing is not effective (even though their ‘web guy’ is already doing it for them!). We have the answer – WebStores University!

WebStores University is a comprehensive self-study program designed specifically for small-medium sized business owners and their employees that run online businesses. This is unique among online course offerings on the Internet: it is not designed as a one-time course, but rather a reference library that you can use over and over. Unlike a webinar, you can view the material at your convenience and select just the topics that interest you at the time you need the material. This is not just a bunch of hyped up internet marketing for people who sell downloadable products – it is real-world applications for store owners who are selling and shipping physical goods via the Internet. Click on the graphic below to see just some of the amazing courses we have to offer. In addition to the great education, WebStores University also offers downloads to all the software and tools used in the courses – you get everything you need in one place. If you run an ecommerce website (or even if you just run an informational website), we guarantee that WebStores University is not only an incredible value, but the tools and information you need to be profitable.


Here’s the incredible part: you can access all these courses for just $37/month. There is no contract – just sign up and gain instant access now. New material is added every week! But if you find this isn’t for you, you may cancel at any time – it’s that easy.

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Course Catalog

Business Interviews

B101 – Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets

This is a course that originally sold for $997 by itself and is a recommended prerequisite for all other classes offered by WebStores University. It is based on Greg Jameson’s best-selling book, “Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets” and includes a comprehensive downloadable study-guide that sells on Amazon for $297. Lessons include: Plenty of Traffic, Offer Something for Free, Win Their Trust, Engaging Experience, Request an Action, Additional Tips and Secrets. Over a dozen instructors share their knowledge with you. Time frame: approximately 6 weeks.

B220 – Applied Business Methodologies

This course is a series of discussions with successful business owners on what works and what doesn’t work for their business. Each week we interview a different store owner who shares insights on their business and how you can apply their lessons to your business – this is information you won’t find anywhere else and is worth the cost of tuition alone. Learn from those who are in the trenches and see what can be applied to your business.

B340 Industry Experts

This course is series of discussions with other Internet Marketers and Business Consultants to bring a different perspective on how you can grow your online business. Learn from the experts!


M 101 Internet Marketing Basics

In this course we provide an introduction to how to get started with marketing on the Internet when you don’t have a list. Discussions include: How Google Search Works, How to Optimize Content, Why Blogging is Critical, Marketing Your Content, The Importance of YouTube, The Role of Social Media.

M110 Search Engine Optimization

The number one question asked by business owners is :how can I get on the first page of Google?” This course will teach you how. Learn about the Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Placement, Image Alt and Title Tags, The YouTube Factor, The Importance of Blogs, Email Strategies and more.

M130 Know, Like & Trust

People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Learn the importance of Off-site Testimonials, On Site Reviews, Trust Seals, and Policies.

M140 Introduction to Social Media

Social media is the current rage, yet few business owners know how to use it to market their products and services. This course consists of many hours of lessons on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other Social Media Sites.

M210 Affiliate Marketing

Amazon was able to grow into a powerhouse because they enlisted others to sell their products for them on sites all across the internet. You can do this for your business as well – imagine having an entore army of others marketing your products on their websites. This course contains lessons on Physical Products: Commission Junction, Rakuten LinkShare, Digital Products: ClickBank, JVZoo, Run Your Own: Affiliate Royale, Affiliates Pro, and Amazon Associates.

M340 Facebook Advertising

Coming Soon

M440 Retargeting

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M450 Google Adwords

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M470 Google Analytics

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Shopping Carts

B2C101 Physical Product Merchandising on the Web

This is an introductory level course that covers basics such Point of Sale Integration, writing descriptions, product display, and what makes people buy once they view your page.

B2C 110 Selling Digital (downloadable) Products, Service, and Events

Downloadable products such as ebooks, pdf files, recipes, patterns, movies, music, and perhaps soon, 3d printer files require aletrnative ways of display the products since they don’t exist physically. This course will show you how.

B2C 220 Getting Paid

This is a key class for all shop owners – getting paid. Lessons include: PCI Compliance, Payment Processors, PayPal, Stripe, Hosted payment solutions, Other payment methods: Checks, eChecks, Apple iPay, Google Payments, eLayaway, Company Purchase Orders, Open Accounts, and Bitcoin.

B2C 240 Order Fulfillment

Once you get an order – you have to ship it. This class covers Shipping, Drop-Shipments, Processing Orders, Follow Up

B2C 300 WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the leading shopping cart for WordPress websites. It is extremely comprehensive and this course digs into every detail that you will need to know to run your online store efficiently using this shopping cart solution, including many of the add-ons that are available to make it even more powerful.

B2C 310 Shopp

Coming Soon

B2C 320 ECwid

Coming Soon

B2C 330 Magento

Coming Soon

B2C 340 BigCommerce

Coming Soon

Wholesale (B2B)

B2B 101 Distribution Channels

Coming Soon

B2B 301 WooCommerce Role Based Price

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B2B 340 WebStoresLtd Platform

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Market Places

MP 110 eBay

Coming Soon

MP 120 Amazon

Coming Soon

MP 130

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G101 Basics of Product Images

Learn the differences between jpg, gif, and png images and when to use each one. Learn how to optimize images for the web so your pages load faster and search engines can understand what your images are all about. Every store owner needs to know to to make their images really stand out and help sell their products.

G110 Digital Image Editing

This courses covers the basics of a number of leading image editing tools that will make your life as a store owner much easier. Lessons include: Bling It, Xn Convert, Paint Shop Pro, Luna Pic,  Jr. Icon Editor



T101 Introduction to WordPress

Coming Soon

T120 HTML Basics

Coming Soon

T130 CSS Basics

Coming Soon

T140 WordPress Theme selection

Coming Soon

T201 Video Editing Techniques

Coming Soon

T301 Introduction to PHP

Coming Soon

T302 Introduction to ColdFusion

Coming Soon


WP101 Getting Started with WordPress

Everything you need to know to get started building and running your WordPress website including: Installation and Configuration, Settings, Theme Selection, Creating a Page, Widgets, Menus. This is a 6 week course.

WP201 Plugins

WordPress has over 20,000 plugins available. We’ve selected the best ones and built lessons around each of those so you can use them to run your online business more effectively. Lessons include: Formidable, Events Calendar, MailPoet, Visual Composer / PageBuilder, A5 Custom Login,  Easy Google Fonts. This is a 6 week course.

WP301 Security

Security is one of the biggest concerns on the Internet. As a store owner, it should be one of your major concerns, as all websites will get targeted for an attack (it’s not a question of if, but when). How will you respond? Will you be prepared? Lessons in this course cover: Users, SSL, WordFence, WP Security, WP Site Guardian.

WP410 Weaver Theme

There are thousands of themes to chose from for your WordPress website. Weaver is one of the most comprehesivee theme “frameworks” that allows you to customize every aspect of your website. This can be a daunting task for most store owners, but for those who need it, this course covers all the details, including: Weaver II and Weaver Extreme Differences, Changing Layout, Colors, Fonts, Advanced Settings.