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First, you must be found. While you can pay for visibility, this stops as soon as you quit paying. A better solution is to rank YouTube videos to get listed on page 1. You can also get noticed by …

Get Clicked On

After they find you, what makes someone click on your site? The most important things are number and quality of reviews, and the description shown by Google. Learn how you can get more 5-star reviews…

Get Repeat Visits

Most site visitors leave without taking any action. It is important that you collect their contact information before they leave your site. That way, you can drive them back to your site. This is done by using …

Get Noticed. Get Clicked On. Get Repeat Visitors.

You have a web site, you have a tech person, you’re on social media. And the results???

For 20 years WebStores Ltd has improved online business for hundreds of clients. We have been doing this since the beginning of internet we take for granted today. Heck, we wrote the books on it, including Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets and The Influencer Effect.

For businesses of all sizes, the web has promised opportunities for growth. Web sites, online stores, recruitment, training, customer support. Everyone you talk to is an expert. How can that be?

You followed the herd and did what everyone guru said you had to do. But instead of profit, you found an endless hole of time, updates and expense. How’s that working for you?

Instead of simplifying your business, it got more complex. Most significantly the return wasn’t what you expected or what was promised. Want a better approach?

We are different. Our clients tell us so. Click on the phone icon and talk with us today. We’d love to prove it to you.

Did your business get demolished because of the Corona slap?

Sometimes Google changes the rules and slaps you. Sometimes Facebook changes their algorithm. This time, its coronavirus.

Now that the rules of the game have changed because of Covid-19, how do you win? Watch this free masterclass to find out!
Corona Slap

Website Design

Yes, WebStores Ltd. does website design. In fact, we are one of the top website design firms anywhere, not so much for cranking out a large number of websites, but because of the quality of the sites we develop. Ecommerce websites are our specialty, where we create sites the help you sell your products and services online.  But we also create top performing websites for numerous industries. All of our sites are mobile responsive and SEO friendly. Every website we create is designed to help you get found, get clicked on, and get repeat visitors, all resulting in more sales. Whether you are looking for a website that performs or needing a face lift to your current website, you’ve come to the right place.

Once you have your site, we don’t leave you hanging. WebStores Ltd. offers a variety of digital marketing services AND we teach you how to run your site for maximum results. 

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Beyond a brochure website

Beyond a brochure website

Every single minute, 1.1 million dollars are spent in online shopping in 2020. Yet most websites remain informational / brochure style sites only (unable to take online transactions). Less than 1 percent of all the websites out there are ecommerce websites, and fewer...

Why am I teaching everything I know?

Why am I teaching everything I know?

I often get asked why I am sharing all the things I've learned over the past two decades with business owners. The reason is simple: webstore owners MUST be able to run various aspects of their websites. They are simply more successful when they can do many of these...

Search Results are Skewed

Search Results are Skewed

Do you know what the number one search term in Google is? Its "Google." Yes, according to, the number one thing people search for on Google is Google. Why is this important? Because Google thinks that when they type in the name of your website into the...

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