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Helping Your Company Be Even More Successful Online

Digital Advertising

Selling online is so much more than just having a website. Let us help with your digital marketing.
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Facebook Advertising

Social media marketing is no longer about just creating posts, as most posts are never seen by your customers. While Boosted Posts can grow the number of “Likes” to your Facebook page, you goal is to get people to your website. This is done through News Feed Ads. We create a minimum of 3 ads for each campaign and test to see which one performs the best, and we track the ads effectiveness using a tracking pixel.

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Retargeted Ads

After someone has visited your site, we also place a tracking pixel for AdRoll, which allows your ads to follow the visitor around the internet for a period of days, weeks or months after their initial visit. This helps drive traffic back to your site after they have expressed interest by clicking on a Facebook ad, email, or video. Access 200+ leading ad networks across the web and mobile, including Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Facebook Exchange, reaching over 98% of all websites.

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Email Marketing

When you have have your own list (and not just social media fans), those followers belong to you. You can send them promotional emails whenever you want and target them with digital ads. We help you grow your list and stay in contact with them through regular, automated newsletters. We can even set it up so that your blog posts become the lead story and the trigger for generating an automated email.

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Most people prefer to watch the internet rather than read it. You need written copy for getting found, ,but you need video content for engaging with your customers. Whether it be video advertising, YouTube videos for search engine placement, live video for engaging with your customers, sales videos to promote a product, or 360 degree videos to showcase your store, we can help.

best-selling bookAs a leader in ecommerce, we provide significant education opportunities including personalized coaching and a variety of books including the #1 best-sellers, The Influencer Effect and Amazon's Dirty Little Secrets, written by WebStores ltd president, Greg Jameson

We help you sell more online...
Having a Website is No Longer Enough!

Stop and think for a moment - what if you went to Facebook and they showed you the same posts every time you visited that site. How often would you return? Probably never, as you would soon lose interest. The same is true for your website! If your content is not constantly changing, why would you expect someone to keep returning to your site?

You need a comprehensive system to get people to return to your site over and over again. And once they are there, you need to engage with them and establish a relationship with your customers so they will feel comfortable making a purchase from you.

Targeted ads that are specific for your ideal customer is one way to get new traffic to your site. And once they are on your site, identifying those indivoduals so you can continue to market to them through a re-targeting advertising campaign can maximize your advertising dollar.



Selling online requires lots of pieces that must work smoothly together, from the shopping cart software, to SSL certificates, and the payment systems being used. WebStore Ltd was a pioneer in ecommerce, having developed our own wholesale shopping cart. We are experts in manyof the popular carts used today including WooCommerce, BigCommerce, ECwid, Magento, and Shopify.
Anyone can create a website these days, but if you want to sell products online, you should consult with an expert.
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Are you looking for a website that blends important design elements, great marketing tactics and will perform for your company? Do want to insure your site is mobile-responsive? There are lots of choices in content management systems – we should know, we created our own CMS twenty years ago! The reason why WordPress powers over thirty percent of the internet is because it is the most flexible and powerful content management system available.
Don’t be fooled by free solutions like SiteBuilder, Wix, or Weebly. WordPress is the most powerful and flexible content management system on the market.
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Landing Pages

We get it – you’ve already got a website that you are happy with. That’s great, and we encourage you to continue to add content and use what you’ve already got. but when it comes to getting conversions from your digital advertising efforts, you need a specific page to drive traffic to.

Custom landing pages that explain why someone should do business with you that are closely tied to your digital advertising is a must of you want to convert more visitors into customers.
Landing pages are used to contain a tracking pixel and a call to action to complete the process after someone has clicked on an advertisement or email.
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Custom Development

Not all online requirements fit neatly into a box. You may have special programming needs to fit your business. The underlying reason for a website is to impart information to customers, suppliers or employees. Getting people to consistently use your site is the true test of a web application’s performance. Whether your goal is to sell products and services, or to keep track of data that will save you time and money, you need more than just pretty pictures.
We have developed a number of applications using ColdFusion and PHP with various databases including SQL Server, Oracle and Access. We can build exactly what you are looking for.
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