Have you ever gotten an email with symbols in the subject line and wonder “how did they do that?” The fact is, the subject line is the single most important part of any email – it determines whether or not someone opens your message and decides to read it. You can mark an email as “important” and you can request a read receipt (which most email programs can bypass), but there isn’t a way to bold words other than making them all UPPER CASE, which looks like you are screaming at them. But adding symbols and emojis(☛ If U ❤️ me, please ☎) can definitely attract attention to your email subject line.  It’s actually easy to do this. Here’s how:

Just head over to this site: https://coolsymbol.com/

Select a symbol by clicking on it. If you want, you can pick “emojis” from the tab to see even more options.

Now paste it into your subject line using “Cntl-V”. That’s it! You can also paste these symbols into ANY document, such as when you are trying to use a copyright symbol © or some odd fraction ⅔. And here’s good news: As of now, there is no indication that emojis in subject lines have any effect on spam filtering. You are not penalized for doing this. Don’t go crazy with this – it’s like using too many different fonts, but use it to make your messages stand out from all the others.