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Product Placement

Product placement is when the logo of an object or a brand name is visible but the characters don’t draw attention to the brand. This is often used in TV shows and movies. In this short video, I explain how you can do this for your own products using social media platforms like Facebook. Favorite

I get over 500 spam emails per day…

… which doesn’t include the 100 or so emails that I actually want to receive. That’s actually not unusual, considering how many lists I’ve subscribed to and my overall online activity. After all, I work on the Internet and am on my computer all day long. Most of the spam emails actually get caught by my spam filters, so I don’t have to weed through them. I still get about fifty or so that I do have to delete which is of course a waist of time. What can you do about it?

Often, nothing – just delete the spam emails and move on. If it is truly spam, there probably isn’t an unsubscribe link, and if there is, I don’t trust it, so I just delete the message. Often, when I’m just curious about something, I provide a “temporary” email. By temporary, I don’t mean […]

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