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Social Media keeps on evolving…

Last week there was a lot of news in the online marketing world. First we learned that Facebook can now track your every move on the Internet. An update to their privacy policy reveals that this includes all of your searches, even if you are logged out of their app.


Next Google and Twitter announced that they had struck a deal to put real-time tweets back into your search results. The two companies didn’t disclose the details, but it appears that Tweets from your Twitter feed will play into the results that appear on your search results page. As a marketer, if you are not using Twitter perhaps it is time to start tweeting if you intend to remain relevant to the Google search engine.


We also learned that Pinterest is working on a plan to add a “Buy Now” button to pins as early as this year. Pinterest is laying the groundwork for an e-commerce offering with a “Buy” button that could launch in as little as three to six months, according to multiple sources. The Buy button would allow Pinterest users to order and pay for some of the products they discover on Pinterest without leaving the company’s website or app.


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Which is right for you: an open or closed network?

I was asked this question during a recent presentation about social media and there isn’t a simple answer. Opening up your social networks to the world is better for SEO, as certain content can help you to rank higher in search. So, let me start by saying that I am an open networker (in most cases). If someone wants to connect with me on social media, I am open to their request. Sort Of. Let me explain:

My Facebook page is open to the public – I don’t have anything to hide and if someone wants to “follow” me, that’s great – I’m flattered that they think my content is worth following. If they want to be a “friend” with me, the criteria is more stringent: I’ve met the person in real life, or we have lots of mutual friends and similar interests so they look like someone I’d like to meet in real life (and often do after we’ve connected on Facebook).


On LinkedIn, I have over 20,000 connections. Most of these are people I have never met. I accept connections from anyone who requests it as long as their profile doesn’t make them look like a spammer or terrorist. Why? Because you never know where the next opportunity is going to come from. If I only accepted connections from people I already know, I am limiting my possibilities. The person I am connected to may not need my products or services, but it is a good bet that they know someone who does. For example, my friend Ken McArthur recently put out a request of things he’s looking for including locations for a film shoot he’s producing in the Philadelphia area. I don’t know the Philly area, so I can’t help him with this. But I can put out feelers to my connections and pass this on to Ken if anyone responds. (Click here to read Ken’s post). That’s the power of social networking and one of the reasons I’m a fan of open networks.

What the downside? […]

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