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Mobile Friendly Websites

Today’s SmartPhones can display any website. This does not mean that your website meets the definition of being “mobile-responsive”. A mobile-responsive website is one that displays differently on SmartPhones than it does on a desktop, making it easier to navigate without zooming in and out. While most of the WordPress websites we build are mobile-responsive, many ecommerce websites, especially complex wholesale sites are not. The reason is that they are designed for complex ordering – not casual browsing on a phone. But there is a problem… […]

WHY Do I Need to Update My Website?

I recently posted about Amazon changing their website every few years and indicated that you should do the same with your website. But the reasons are much more than just a graphic facelift. While changing graphics and content are important for keeping your site fresh and engaging (which the search engines such as Google take into account), there are some very real technical reasons why you need to update your website. Here’s a simple technical explanation…


As you can see […]

How Amazon Used to Look

Most of my readers know that I’m a big advocate of following the example that has set. And the reason is pretty simple: they are the most successful ecommerce website on the planet. So why not “do what Jeff would do.” well, here is something that is kind of fun to see what Amazon has done over the years. Let’s start with what the first Amazon website looked like in 1995:



Now let’s jump forward 5 years… […]

Replay of WordPress Webinar Available

Did you miss the webinar on “Professional WordPress Secrets”? You can still view it for the next few days (and you don’t even have to register!):

Webinar Replay

This webinar is designed for business owners who are interested in upgrading to a WordPress website. Topics are based on recent survey results and include:

  • How to change the look and feel
  • How to expand the functionality
  • Security concerns

Here’s what one of the attendees said about this presentation: “I must say you have hit this one out of the park. You spoke to me about my needs. Well done. I saw this about midnight and you held my attention well. You had a wonderfully, clear call to action at the end, too.” […]

Learn the secrets that professionals use to make your WordPress website shine!

If you have a WordPress website or are thinking of upgrading to WordPress, then this live event is for you!

Register here:

Real-time Live demonstration (not just PowerPoint) showing you how:

  • Configuration & Settings, including bulk installation of Plugins
  • Recommended plugins – add functionailty to your website such as forms and ecommerce
  • Themes – -change the look and feel of your website using subthemes and private pages
  • Security – tighten down your site to keep the hackers out
  • All without programming!

Register here:

There is no cost to attend this event, but it will likely fill up quickly, so reserve your spot now!


Quick Question (and a small favor)

OK… I thought I would do something a bit different. Obviously, I send you a lot of free content – and I thought it would be fun to ask people what they wanted to learn about. Many people have already indicated that they would like to learn some specifics about WordPress.

Therefore, I am in the process of putting together a webinar on WordPress and how it can benefit your business. The date and time will be announced soon, but first I need to collect a little information from you. Would you please complete this short 3 question survey?

Thanks, this will allow me tailor the information to exactly what you would like to hear.



(NOTE: there’s absolutely nothing for sale at that link, or as part of this survey. I just really want to know what content I should cover for you.)


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