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Creating a Best Seller

I was consulting with a colleague recently who wanted to know how I got my book to #1 on Amazon. This was not an accident! And now I need your help to do it again to prove that it works. The first thing I need help with is your participation in a Thunderclap campaign (this is free, you just have to click on this link:

This will allow you to support the launch of my next book on social media. Additionally, there are some specific things you can do to make any product (not just a book) reach the #1 slot. Here’s how I did it… […]

6 Reasons Why Copying Amazon Is A Bad Idea For Your Ecommerce Store

I read this blog post recently by Steve Chou titled “6 Reasons Why Copying Amazon Is A Bad Idea For Your Ecommerce Store”. It seemed to be a direct attack to what I teach in my best-selling book, “Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets” and the follow up course, “Power+ Academy”. So I thought I should read it very carefully. It started out with this statement/question:

“Because is one of the most successful ecommerce stores in the world, we should all emulate exactly what they are doing right? The reality is that you can’t just go around blindly copying someone else even if they are selling the exact same products as you are. Sometimes, larger shops go with a certain design because of what is currently trendy.  Amazon is a different beast altogether. Sure, Amazon makes billions of dollars in sales but you can’t exactly compare a billion dollar store like Amazon to your puny little 6 or 7 figure shop.”

He then went on to explain why copying Amazon is a bad idea. Here are my thoughts: […]

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