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A Dozen Secrets to running your ecommerce business like Amazon: #4. Get others to write reviews for you

“When we pioneered customer reviews, it was incredibly controversial. I got letters from publishers saying, ‘You don’t understand your business. You make money when you sell things. Take down those negative customer reviews.’ We’ve never done anything of real value that wasn’t at least a little bit controversial when we did it. But if you want to be a pioneer, you have to be comfortable being misunderstood.” – Jeff Bezos


Reviews are one of the key ways that Amazon gets others to market and sell for them. Study after study reinforces the fact that people believe others before they believe you. When a complete stranger leaves a review on your website it is […]

Find out how you can get on page one of Google

Over years of experimenting, I have found that the best way to rank on Google for certain search terms is through the use of YouTube videos. Ranking on Google is tough, but if you use a Youtube video you have a way better chance. This in part is due to the fact that Google owns YouTube, but there are some specific things that must happen in order for this to work:
1. Title – the title of the video must contain the keywords someone is searching for. Google especially loves videos that contain the words “how to” in the title.
2. Description – the description of the video must contain the following:
  • Keywords that someone is searching for, and
  • a link to the page on your website that this video pertains to. The link must start with http://
The page on your website must then also be about the subject matter, with both the page title and the page contents repeating the keywords. This tells Google that the link is very relevant when it relates to your keywords. The image below is a current screen capture for “pakistan baskets”. Notice that we built the video back in 2010 and both the website and the video are still on page 1 of Google. This technique is that powerful.


What is the Best Payment Processor to Use?

When business owners are looking to create on online web store, the first question they often ask, is “What is the best payment processor to use?” Unfortunately, this is the wrong question. This is like asking “What fuel should I use for my new car?” If you limit your car selection based on fuel type, you will likely not end up with a car that has all the features you want. Think of it this way: A petroleum company recommends that you use diesel. They made this recommendation to you because diesel is a by-product of making higher grade gasolines, but they can charge more for it and thus they make more money. So you choose diesel as your fuel – now you must go find a car that runs on diesel. Of course not all cars run on diesel, so you are severely limited by what car you can by.


This is often what happens with payment processors. Your bank tells you to […]

Quickbooks and Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

Most ecommerce shopping cart software today claims that they will integrate with QuickBooks. What exactly does this mean?

Typically, it means that the ecommerce software will produce a an Intuit Quickbooks.iif file or in some cases simply an orders.csv file which must then be imported into QuickBooks Accounting. You can export your orders from your website and then import them into QuickBooks accounting as often as required, be it once a day or once a month.

What these ecommerce shopping cart softwares don’t tell you is […]

A Dozen Secrets to running your ecommerce business like Amazon: #3. Use Video

“Our point of view is we will sell more if we help people make purchasing decisions.” – Jeff Bezos Last week I gave a presentation at the Dallas Market on using YouTube videos, so the fact that this week’s tip is about video is certainly timely, but totally coincidental. Previous I’ve shared tip#1: Be Seen Read more about A Dozen Secrets to running your ecommerce business like Amazon: #3. Use Video[…]

A Dozen Secrets to running your ecommerce business like Amazon: #2. But don’t ignore Google!

“We’re taking no chances in marketing this holiday season… Real estate is the key cost of physical retailers. That’s why there’s the old saw, location, location, location.” – Jeff Bezos


Last week I shared tip#1: Be Seen Everwhere! I discussed how over 70% of your traffic comes from sources other than search engines and you should concentrate your efforts on those places instead of worrying about Google. Of course it would still be nice to end up on the first page of Google for the items you sell – which is why Amazon is the #1 spender on Google ads in the retail world, spending more than $55.2 million on Google ads every year. But you don’t have to […]

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