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A Dozen Secrets to running your ecommerce business like Amazon: #12. Hire an Expert

“I’d rather interview 50 people and not hire anyone than hire the wrong person… If you’re the right kind of person and you like to invent, you like change, and everything you see as you move about the world you think how it could be improved, that’s just fun and at Amazon over the last 18+ years has attracted a bunch people like that and we have a ton of fun doing it.” – Jeff Bezos

tip12-hire an expert

Like most successful companies, Jeff Bezos doesn’t try to do everything himself. Amazon hires experts to build both its website and its products.

If you’ve downloaded some free legal forms on the Internet, that does not make you a lawyer. Of course, having a copy of QuickBooks doesn’t make you an accountant and having a copy of AutoCAD doesn’t make you an architect or engineer. And getting WordPress and building a single site doesn’t […]

A Dozen Secrets to running your ecommerce business like Amazon: #11. Think long-term

“We know the energy we put into it today will still be paying off dividends for our customers 10 years from now. When you have something that you know is true, even over the long term, you can afford to put a lot of energy into it.” – Jeff Bezos

tip11-think long term

Amazon is known for having started out with using doors as desks – the company was and remains frugal because Bezos wasn’t interested in being flashy, he was thinking long term. Even though Amazon is a public company, they are known for investing in the future and looking at a return on investment in terms of years, not weeks or months. Your ecommerce business is not […]

A Dozen Secrets to running your ecommerce business like Amazon: #10. Make it easy for the customer to do business with you

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” – Jeff Bezos


You aren’t in business to make it so things are easy for you, but instead, so things are easy for the customer. That’s why Amazon invented one-click checkout. You should offer multiple payment options, including both PayPal and credit cards – it should be convenient for them! It doesn’t matter if […]

A Dozen Secrets to running your ecommerce business like Amazon: #9. Regular Emails

“People forget already how much utility they get out of the Internet – how much utility they get out of email, how much utility they get out of even simple things like brochureware online.” – Jeff Bezos


Email is still perhaps the best marketing tool available. Not only can you send very targeted messages to your customers, but you can […]

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