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Facebook Secrets

It’s been said that you learn more by teaching than you do by being a student. I recently taught a seminar at the Denver Mart on Facebook Secrets, and I certainly found this to be true. One of my students taught me about Facebook “beacons” – devices that can be installed in your physical store to let you interact with customers who come into your shop if they have their cell phones on and have the Facebook app installed on their phones. This sounds intriguing as a store owner, as it will automatically log a visitor to your location. It is also […]

Internet Marketing Works!

This past Sunday I was invited to address attendees at the Denver Mart. This is a prestigious opportunity to speak, as only 3 speakers are selected at each show, which happens only two times per year. Knowing this, I wanted to make the most of this opening. So I didn’t want to leave the attendance to chance – instead I decided to market the event myself. Here’s what I did… […]

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