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Marketing Like the Big Boys

Over the past few months, I’ve spent some time describing Facebook ads and how these can effectively reach a very specific target audience. But what about the people who visit your page from a Facebook ad, and never take action? This is actually quite common – I recently ran a Facebook campaign for someone that resulted in 546 clicks to their website (in fact a specific page on their website that sold the product being advertised). Yet, they didn’t sell a single one of the products. With Facebook, you can add a “retargeting pixel” (a small piece of JavaScript code) to your website, so that Facebook knows you’ve visited the website, and can then serve you additional advertising from the same company in the future). But those ads are limited to Facebook – what about when someone is just browsing the Internet?

Let’s say you need some new cooking pans, so you visit but you can’t quite find what you’re looking for, so you keep browsing. Over the next couple days you start noticing Cookware4All ads everywhere you go online. Did this small cookware website suddenly find a Fortune 500 marketing budget or get a deal on Shark Tank? No. They are employing a strategy called retargeting. Amazon, of course, is a master at retargeting, But did you know that your business can also use retargeting to increase your sales? […]

The Future of Online Shopping

“We cannot predict the future, but we can invent it.” – Dennis Gabor, 1963.

As someone who has been involved in the technology industry for the past 3 decades, I can tell you that it actually is possible to predict the future, simply by looking at today’s trends and extrapolating them forward a couple of years. All you need to do is look at what is happening now and observe the impact that something is starting to have, then determine the reason behind it. If the reason makes sense, it’s a good bet that humans will continue to invest time and effort into making that thing become practical, even if the means to achieve that goal end up changing.

A recent example of this of course is mobile devices – people enjoy the ability to remain in contact with others and look up things in real time when they are out and about, so it was easy to predict the rise of smart phones. That said, if you buy and sell online, here are somethings you can expect […]

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