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Can reviews really drive sales?

Eight-Eight percent(88%)  of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Ninety percent (90%) of consumers check online reviews before visiting a business. Customers are likely to spend 31% more with a business that has excellent reviews. And 72% of consumers will take action only after reading positive online reviews. As a result, it seems like whenever we want to go buy anything, online or off, we first check for online reviews. Need a new dentist – check their online reviews. Need a new set of tires – check the online reviews? A hotel for the night? A restaurant? We all do it. The fact is that online reviews affect our buying decisions.

Getting those positive online reviews is critical for anyone selling products and services today. The question then becomes, how do I get reviews and how many do I need? There are actually some specific things you can do to insure that you have an adequate number of positive reviews. The best way to do this is to […]

Fake sunscreen?

#bibberbuddy This product obviously works – I thought I was reviewing sunscreen. Turns out they are empty tubes used to conceal other liquids. Hmmm, not for me, but pretty clever. You can get them at Favorite

How To Find Trending Products To Sell Online

Part of having a successful online store is having products that people actually want to buy. Sure, you think your product(s) are great, but are people actually looking to buy what you have to offer? If only you could get on page 1 of Google, right? the problem is that people may not be looking for what you have to sell. How do you know?

Google Trends is a free tool that lets you know if your product is popular in the searches being made by others on the Internet. More importantly, it shows you how a subject is trending over time. As a rule of thumb, if you see that your product is on a downhill slope in regard to search volume, it’s not a good sign — this is not a trending product, and you should look elsewhere. Not doing this is a mistake made by most entrepreneurs, and then they wonder […]

How to Rank Any Page on Google in Less Than 24 Hours

Best-Selling author, Greg Jameson will be conducting a complimentary seminar at the Rocky Mountain Gift and Apparel Show at the Denver Mart on Saturday, August, 27th from 2-3pm. The title is “How to Rank Any Page on Google in Less Than 24 Hours” – if you are attending the Mart, you will not want to miss this entertaining and informative seminar. Additional information can be found at: […]

Pokémon GO has taken the country by storm

pokemon-1543353_960_720Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard about the latest viral craze : Pokémon Go. Pokémon Go is close to topping the number of daily users on Twitter and average time spent on the Facebook app. If you run a local business, you should be taking advantage of this phenomenon to get foot traffic and new customers.

Let me start by saying this isn’t my idea – I don’t personally play this game (Pokemon Go draws an overwhelmingly millennial crowd, with 83% aged 18 to 34). But my son plays, and he was telling me about how you can turn this into a huge money-maker for your company, especially if you have a storefront. Pokémon Go now has over 20 million active daily users, and that number is still rapidly growing.  And the players have money to spend – According to Forbes, 63% of users in the U.S. are female, while the average user persona is a 25-year-old, white woman with a college degree making about $90,000 a year. Pokémon Go can get more people to come into your small business than you know what to do with and help significantly boost sales. Here’s how:

Pokémon Go users find Pokémon by walking around busy areas such as cities and towns, and they even explore new places on their hunt to catch more Pokémon. Of course, as a business owner, you want them to come into your store and buy your products. You can attract them into your store by […]

Lawn Tractor Cover – Product Review

#‎LeaderAccessoriesLawnTractorCover‬ The latest in my product reviews: a lawn tractor cover to keep dust and bird droppings off this expensive piece of equipment. Approximately once a week I get to review a product that someone is selling online. This gives readers a chance to see how they can improve their own product offerings. In this Read more about Lawn Tractor Cover – Product Review[…]

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