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Bouchard Chcoloate

#BouchardChocolate This is a great tasting dark premium Belgium chocolate available at your local Costco. While I am not big into dark chocolate myself, this is not bitter at all – I gave some to my friends who exclaimed”, Nice, you got the good stuff!” Favorite

I don’t have time to blog!

Writing a blog is extremely important for your website – why? Think of it this way: if Facebook showed you the exact same content, would you go back and visit it every day? Probably not. What if they updated it once a month, or once every few months? You, and everyone else would never return – so why do you think your website is any different (hint: it isn’t). If you are not constantly adding new material to your website, both your visitors and Google with think your site is stagnant and will not come back.

Of course, most business owners don’t make the time to write a weekly blog post – it takes a lot of effort to craft a new message to your visitors. Is there an alternative? The answer is yes! Here’s how: […]

Inbound versus Outbound Marketing

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” – Henry Ford

Ever since search engine marketing has been around, digital marketers have been touting the advantages of inbound marketing – that is, where customers come to you rather than you reaching out to them. This seems like nirvana to a business, if customers search for your products or services and they find you instead of you paying to find them. The likelihood of such a person buying from you is much greater than if they just happen to see an ad in a newspaper because they were already looking for what you provide. But the truth is, search marketing has been around long before the Internet – people used to search for things in the yellow pages of the phone book, and that could arguably be called inbound marketing as well.

Outbound marketing is the opposite of inbound marketing. Some people refer to this as interruption marketing – this includes things like traditional print advertising, radio, TV, and direct mail. And just like the phone book was the analog equivalent to digital inbound marketing, there is an equivalent in the digital world to these analog modes of traditional marketing as well. Email is certainly a digital form of outbound marketing, the digital equivalent of direct mail. And paid advertising is also a form of outbound marketing, whether it is digital or print. Outbound marketing remains effective because people don’t always know what they need. As Steve Jobs said, “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”


Those who lump all digital marketing into the “inbound bucket” and all traditional marketing into the “outbound bucket” either don’t understand the differences or are still trying to justify why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing. The fact is, there are examples of both inbound and outbound marketing in the old traditional world, just as there are inbound and outbound examples in the digital world. But the truth is that digital marketing will often outperform traditional marketing, regardless of whether you call it inbound or outbound. Here’s why: […]

Electric BBQ Grill Brush

This product looks like a serious tool and the packaging is awesome, but it is not as effective as a simple hand-held wire brush for cleaning your BBQ. It does not provide enough torque to effectively clean your BBQ – stick with a regular wire brush and save your money. Favorite

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