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Holiday Shopping Starts Now!

As business owners, most of us are very aware that the majority of retail sales occur during the last week of November through the Christmas holiday. But the truth is, you probably aren’t going to get a flood of new visitors to your website this holiday season – instead everyone is going to go to the big chains. Your website is simply not visible – but you can change that! The way to drive a lot more traffic and sales this holiday season is by using digital advertising. It’s not too late – but you do have to hurry if you want to take advantage of these special shopping days.

And, it’s not just about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There are other days that can help you increase sales this holiday season.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday continue to capture the bulk of holiday sales, however, big shopping days aren’t so big anymore, especially with small businesses. Other days are providing much needed sales during this time of the year. Besides, these sales days tend to be dominated by national brands. That’s why it’s a good idea for small businesses to focus on less-congested peak days where merchants can generate a larger share. If you want to make a big splash this holiday season, digital ads can have a huge impact that can even carry you forward into the new year. At the end of this blog, I’ll show you how you can get started right away, but first, here’s a breakdown of the special shopping days before Christmas… […]

Marketing is not a "one-time" thing


I have been having great success with digital advertising for my customers – often seeing huge increases in attendance numbers at events and 15-20% increases in sales. But not always – some of the ads I have put out have totally bombed – does that mean it was a waste of money for my clients? Not really – you see, marketing is not a one-time thing. Sure, it would be nice if every time you placed an advertisement that it would generate sales. If it worked that way, we’d all be rich. But it doesn’t. Just like every other form of marketing, advertising requires consistency. Very few marketing projects go viral and make a ton of money. However, if you stop marketing, one thing is certain: your sales will dry up (or at least revert back to where they were before you started marketing). A one-and-done Super Bowl ad is a poor way to impact your sales over a period of time. Instead, spread those ads out over a series of months.

When I had my first software company, we used to advertise in magazines and at tradeshows. Not just hit or miss by doing scattered things here and there, but every month, issue after issue, we would advertise in Landscape Architecture magazine (the software was a CAD application for Landscape Architects), and every year for 10 years we would attend the American Society of Landscape Architect’s conference and the AEC Systems Shoe (Architects/Engineers/Contractors). Consistency was the key, and it still is. The difference is, we used to spend tens of thousands of dollars every month on advertising. Today you can do it for a small fraction of that, and often get better results.

Some of the marketing types that work well in today’s world are email, Facebook ads, and retargeting ads. The thing all of these have in common are the ability to target your audience and the ability to reach the same people in a consistent manner, over an extended period of time. Let’s look at a real example. […]

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