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How to maximize marketing using Amazon-podcast

I just recorded a podcast with Judith Briles from Author U, which is scheduled to be aired on Thursday. We discussed how authors, or anyone with a small business, can leverage Amazon to increase their sales. Here’s what Judith has to say: “Since Amazon now sells 74% of books in U.S. and 55% worldwide, the wise author wants to do the tips and tricks of working with and through Amazon. Today’s guest is Greg Jameson, author of Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets and Avoiding Death by Power Point.”


  • How to use POWER to get behind the robots of Amazon.
  • Why you should be giving freebies away all the time.
  • How to maximize your book marketing with Amazon.
  • How to goose up your reviews and why you should.
  • and as always, much more, including bonus PowerPoint tips.

You can listen to it here: […]

Presentations Announced

We are kicking off the 2017 with several presentations that you won’t want to miss!

Here’s a partial list:

Sage Talks: People, Profit, Productivity.

  • January 12th Koelbel Library, Centennial, CO
  • February 2nd, Parker Library, Parker, CO

Tickets for both events are available here.  You MUST have a ticket to attend! (Here’s a holiday gift for you: As a WebStores subscriber, enter the coupon code “Greg” to get your VIP ticket at no charge)

Dallas Total Home & Gift Show – for exhibitors only – in the Gourmet Market (Dallas, TX)

  • Thursday, January 19 @ 1pm – “The Rule of 7” (Digital Advertising)
  • Friday, January 20 @ 8am and 1pm – “The Biggest Marketing Bang for Your Buck” (Facebook ads)
  • Saturday, January 21 @ 1pm – “Gearing Up Your Online Profits” (The Internet Marketing Cycle)
  • Sunday, January 22 @ 8am – “The Rule of 7” (repeat from Thursday)

Rocky Mountain Gift Show, Denver Mart (Denver, CO)

The Rocky Mountain Gift Show, is the region’s premier platform for wholesale buying opportunities in the gift, home, jewelry, resort and related industries. The Denver Mart is open “to the trade only” meaning you must have a retail sales tax license to attend.


When Failure is Not an Option

According to one study, Ecommerce websites have about an 80% failure rate. Other researchers claim it’s as high as 97%. Why are these numbers so huge, and what can you do to insure your success online?


Many claim one of the reasons the failure rate is so high is because an ecommerce business can be easy to set up and for only a small amount of money. Having created hundreds of ecommerce websites over the past 20 years, I can assure you that setting up an online store is NOT easy – it takes a significant amount of work. Professional photographs of every product from multiple angles, combined with well-written sales copy alone can be both time consuming and expensive, not to mention the technical aspects.

Too much competition is also cited as a reason for the high failure rate. With over 1 billion websites out there, this is in fact a real issue. Why would someone come to your website in the first place, and if they did manage to find there way there, what would make them buy from you?


Almost everything imaginable is now for sale on Amazon at prices that are hard for most people to match, so buying from your little commerce shop is unlikely. Yet, competition alone is the only reason ecommerce websites fail.

It takes more hard work to succeed online than offline because people can’t feel and see what they are buying. You have to be better than your physical competitors, in every aspect of your business. The reason Amazon has been successful is not because they have lower prices than everyone else. Its because they do EVERYTHING better than everyone else, including lower prices. If you want to compete in the online business world, there is something you absolutely MUST do. You must […]

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