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Using Facebook to Reach LinkedIn Contacts

Doing an email blast to your LinkedIn contacts is considered spam and is not permitted. But you can actually export your LinkedIn emails and use them as the basis of an advertising campaign on Facebook. Then you can take them to an email signup page, where you can send them your newsletter. Remember, the idea of a Facebook ad is not to try to sell them something. The primary purpose is to get their email address. Yes, you already have their email address, but you don’t have their permission to send them sales messages. you need to offer them so compelling, that they will not only gladly share their email address with you, but they will want to share your information with others. This is a great way to establish a know, like, and trust factor with your LinkedIn audience. This is not only permissible, but if you have an active LinkedIn presence, it is something I’d recommend (in fact, I encourage it in my book, The Influencer effect.”)

You can use this same technique with purchased or rented email lists, which like LinkedIn, those emails do not belong to you. Since they are likely your target audience, you need a way to reach out to them and offer your free product so that you can get them on your own list. Here’s how.

Start by going to your LinkedIn account. Choose “Privacy and Settings.”

Scroll down until […]

Happy Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday, & Warren Miller

This past year has been the year of gratitude – it seems like lots of folks have held 30 day gratitude challenges recently. Thanksgiving is certainly a great time to participate in showing your gratitude. Here at WebStores, we’d really like to express our thanks and appreciation for you and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

As you prepare for the busy time of the year with your holiday sales, starting on Black Friday and going through Cyber Monday, don’t forget about Small Business Saturday.

Case Study: A True Content Marketing Pioneer

I realize not everyone who reads my blog is as passionate about skiing as I am, but as I was attending the most recent Warren Miller film last night, I thought about what an amazing job Warren Miller did to not only create the ultimate life-style business, but how he has been using content marketing longer than the term has been in existence. For the past 68 years, Warren Miller has produced a minimum of one feature length film each year about skiing. That is a lot of content. the films are sponsored by other companies: ski areas, equipment companies, lodging, transportation, clothing, etc. The admission price to the movie includes a couple of free and 2-for-1 lift tickets and a subscription to Ski magazone. At each showing of the film, they give away prizes, including drawings for ski vacations as well as specific products. As a result, the Warren Miller team probably has the single largest database of skiers anywhere. This is a company that is […]

Crushing it on Google

Do you get numerous calls from people (robots) claiming to be your local Google representative? I’m sure you figured out by now that these calls are NOT from Google, and in fact are illegal. Here is the official information from Google about these calls: Now, that being said, there are some very cool and legitimate ways that you can improve your Google listings. Many are new features that Google has rolled out over the last year, so I want to explore a few of these with you so you can crush your listing on Google.

First, you need to understand that Google has multiple departments which provide overlapping information. This causes some confusion for many business owners. There is Google+ (yes this is still around, and yes, your business should have a Google+ page for SEO purposes). There is Google MapMaker, which provides your business location on Google Maps. And then there is Google My Business (GMB), which is the heart and soul of the Google Local SEO platform.  Even though they do talk to each other, you need to make sure your information is updated on all three services.

Until very recently, your G+ page was created for you, automatically, when you created your GMB page. However, even if you had already created a G+ page, the auto-generated page would take over as your official brand page. Because this caused a bit of confusion and frustration for business owners and marketers, Goggle changed the protocol earlier this year. Now, when you create your GMB page, Google does not generate a G+ page. The same is true with YouTube, another Google property. YouTube no longer generates a G+ page. Most people do not use G+, so you really don’t have to worry about it.

What you need to know about GMB

Google My Business used to be known as Google Places. Quite honestly, for most business, GMB is the […]

Are you shipping internationally?

You could be leaving a large amount of potential revenue on the table because you are not set up to sell and ship internationally. In fact, the Chinese ecommerce market alone is $1 trillion dollars, about 3 times that of the US market of $396 billion. Factor in other countries like the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France, South Korea, Canada, Russia, Brazil, and Australia and these total another $581 billion – significantly larger than that of the US market. If you are not selling internationally, you are missing out on a great way to double or even triple your online sales. In fact, by the year 2025, this is what the worldwide commerce landscape is expected to look like according to ystats.

I get it, selling overseas can be daunting, if not downright scary. Filling out the paperwork for customs is frustrating.  And then,  how do you ship your products economically to your customers? How do you collect payment and avoid fraud? As a result of these questions, most US-based websites have simply avoided selling internationally. But what if I told you there was a way that you could export your products as simply and easily as making a sale within the United States? Read on to learn how you can do this. […]

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