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The problem with SEO (and what to do about it)

One of the first things Google looks at in a search is if the search term matches the URL you are looking for. If you are searching for “Gregs Gourmet Goodies”, Google looks to see if there is a domain name names “”. But, unless you are a recognized brand, most people are not searching for your business name. They are looking for what you have to offer, such as “gourmet cheese dip.” Of course, you might be able to buy the domain name, “” or”, and you could do this for every one of your products, and then re-direct that new domain name to the page on your website where you sell gourmet cheese dip. this helps, especially because Google actually indexes every single page, not just your home page.

The next thing most small businesses worry about is whether or not their page is optimized for search engines, in part because there are SEO companies out there scaring them into buying their services. What these companies typically do is look at what is called on-site factors, and they make sure that your page titles, contain the search term you are trying to rank for and that you use that search term in the content of the page. For example, if we are trying to rank for the search term, “gourmet cheese dip” we would title our page “Gourmet Cheese Dip”, we would include “Gourmet Cheese Dip” in the heading tags, and we would write our copy to include that keyword phrase multiple times in the description, such as “Greg’s Gourmet Goodies offers the best packaged gourmet cheese dip available anywhere. using our gourmet cheese dip, you can mix this with your favourite cream cheese and create the most delicious gourmet cheese dip anywhere. Your guests will still be talking about the great gourmet cheese dip you served them for days. so if you are looking for the finest gourmet cheese dip, look no further than Greg’s Gourmet Goodies.”

But here’s the thing: there are 19,000,000 results returned by Google for “gourmet cheese dip”. The likelihood of you being listed on page 1 of Google is  1 in 1.9 billion, even if you do the on-site optimization I just talked about. Plus, your cheese dip mix is only one of about a hundred products you offer. There has to be a better way. And there is… […]

Using Instagram to Grow Your Business

I messed up. Each week, I write a blog post, which becomes the basis of my newsletter. The newsletter is generated automatically, assuming I check the category box “newsletter.” Last week I forgot to check that box, so the newsletter didn’t go out. I also updated my email program, which meant you didn’t hear from me, so I’m trying again. In case you missed it, here is the link:

That blog post was all about the most recent top podcast episodes I’ve done. This week, I could easily add another: my interview with Mitch Russo, the past CEO of Tony Robbins. Check that one out here: 20 Minutes of Influence

What does this have to do with Instagram? Simple – I did post this to Instagram, as I do daily. Instagram has become the social media platform of choice for influencer marketing. While well established (and owned by Facebook), growing a following for your business on Instagram is perhaps easier than other social media platforms. The reason is people follow hashtags, and Instagram is the master of hastags. You can include up to 30 hastags with each post. A hashtag is simply the # symbol, followed by a word or phrase (as a single word). For example, #influencerbusiness.

When building your Instagram account, is is a good idea to […]

Top Podcasts

Earlier this year I started a pocast called “20 Minutes of Influence.” The idea was simple: engage with other industry experts, online influencers, and social media rockstars to bring you actionable information. The results have been incredible. I’ve already produced over 20 episodes and have had some amazing guests. You can check them all out at, but I wanted to highlight a few of these and really recommend that you listen to these great ideas on how you can get others to market and sell on your behalf.

And this week, I’m featuring Anthony Prichard as we discuss the importance of videos.

If these are the only episodes you listen to, it will take less than 2 hours combined and be well worth your time. […]

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