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Tools you can use

These are some tools that I found that can benefit both business owners and webmasters – check them out!

About 60% of website traffic now comes from smart phones and tablets, which is why it is critical that your website is able to adjust itself dynamically to fit on a smaller screen without zooming up and down. Most new websites do this, in what we call a responsive design. Sites that are a few years old may not have this capability. You can check your site here to see how it looks on a mobile device: There is no charge to use this tool.

If your site isn’t mobile responsive and you aren’t ready to embark on a redesign, you might be able to use a tool like Duda to get yourself a mobile website without affecting the desktop site. Visit Duda here.

I did a full post back in December about Revealio, but have now gotten my own Revealio video which we will be showing off at the Dallas Mart next month. If you are coming to Dallas, stop by and see how amazing this is. Or visit Revalio now.

Most of us are familiar with frequent flier miles and other customer loyalty programs, but did you know you can build a rewards program into your website where visitors get points for visiting your site, visitng certain pages of your site, sharing your posts, going to your social media pages, buying products, refering a friend, etc. This handy tool is called “Gratisfaction” and it can be a great way to retain visitors on your site. Get Gratisfaction here.

Did you ever wonder how graphic artists are able to cut out the background of an image, leaving just the product you want to show off? the tool is called PhotoClip from Inpixio. this is an awesome tool to make your images look more professional. Grab Photoclip here.

Finally, Acuity Scheduling allows you to get rid of “email ping-pong” when trying to set up appointments. It will integrate with other calender programs like google Calendar to show when you are available (you may have noticed that this is how I schedule calls with customers). Check out Acuity Scheduling here.


Outdoor Electronics ?

This post was originally published on my scouting website, cyberbase Trading Post, but the information in this is relevant to many small business owners, so I decided to replicate it in its entirety here for your use.

As a scoutmaster, I never let the boys in my troop bring any kind of electronics with them on a campout. The idea was to get out and enjoy and learn about the outdoors, not play video games or electronic chat with friends who weren’t out camping with them. so when I was asked to review a video projector that could be used for “camping” I thought, “Really?” I’ll be honest, I still don’t think watching videos has a place on a campout. And the Pravette C7 projector I was given to test doesn’t really lend itself to camping as I know it. This projector is small and lightweight, and works best in total darkness, which is probably why the manufacturer says it is good for camping. But, it requires electricity to run it (there is no battery), which means you are in an RV lot at best. That said, there are some good reasons to consider getting one of these, even for outdoor use, such as in your backyard. Let me explain.

Video can be a great learning tool. There are portions of leadership training that use videos to show situations. A couple of times a year, our troop might have a movie night. Of course, having a projector can be useful when making a presentation. And if you want to show photos from recent outings at a family night, the USB input can be useful. The Pravette C7 will work well for any of these situations. As a video projector in a dark setting, it works well. It does have built-in speakers which sound OK, but if you have a larger group, there is a jack for external speakers as well. Input sources include VGA, USB, SD card, or HDMI. No cables for HDMI or VGA are provided. The native resolution of the unit is only 800 x 480, but when you attach an HDMI cable it is capable of displaying at 1080 resolution. Here is an example of […]

Chatbot Marketing

You’ve probably seen chatbots in action. They are on all sorts of websites, from major retail chains to mobile phone service providers and many other types of sites and apps. At first, you might think you’re talking to a real person. Usually, a popup appears with a picture of an agent, along with a name. The agent asks something like, “May I help you with anything?” or, “Do you have any questions?”

Chatbots can be quite advanced. Using artificial intelligence, many of them can almost manage to fool users into thinking they are speaking to a real person. This is beneficial, because it allows companies to lower their overhead by using chatbots to replace customer service agents, sales personnel, or support technicians. Only when the chatbot is unsuccessful in helping the customer must a real agent step in. Facebook recently released a host of data proving the value of bots for business:

  • 2 billion messages are sent between people and businesses monthly
  • 56% of people would rather message than call customer service
  • 53% of people are more likely to shop with businesses they can message
Using artificial intelligence, many chatbots can almost manage to fool users into thinking they are speaking to a real person. Click To Tweet

Some of the things bots are good for include:

  • Save Time & Money
  • Generate Leads & Revenue
  • Guide Users to Better Outcomes
  • Provide ‘After Hours’ Support
  • Engage Users in a Unique Way

Are there downsides to using chatbots? Sure, there are downsides to any technology. The biggest drawback is


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