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Writing Copy for Your Homepage

Recently at a class I was teaching at our local college, it became apparent to me that most of my students (all business owners), were struggling, not with the technical aspects of building their websites, but with coming up with content, especially for their homepage. This is a problem I often see with my clients as well. So I put together this quick guide to help you get started.

Start by identifying who your ideal customer is.

Describe that person. If it is a 40 year old soccer mom, spell that out right from the beginning. For example, “You are a busy soccer mom trying to juggle running a household, taking care of multiple kids, and still trying to work.”

Identify the problem.

Describe the issues they are facing so they know you understand what they are going through. For example, “Making dinner for your family is important to you, but you just don’t seem to have time to cook a great meal when you are running your kids around to all their activities.”

Describe your solution.

Ask a question and then answer it. For example, “What if someone prepared homemade meals and delivered them right to your door several times each week? You don’t have to worry about messing up your kitchen or cleaning it up because all the work is done for you. And every meal is both nutritious and delicious. Not only can this be your new reality, but the cost is incredibly affordable. Explore our website and let us show you how to get started.”

What would someone search on if they were looking for a solution like yours?

Do a Google search for that keyword phrase. Look at the top 3 websites that appear under that search term (not the ads). Read what they say. You are going to take the best ideas from those sites and write a page in your own words, using what they say, but talking about your solution.

The keyword phrase you identified should be used as your title text, and should be repeated in the description at least 3 times. In this example, we might use “Healthy meals when you don’t have time to cook.” That could be both a title and a phrase you work into the narrative throughout the page.

Avoid using the words “I, we, my, or your name” anywhere on this page if at all possible – it is about your customer and their problem, not about you.

Recap your benefits using bullet points

Despite the fact that humans don’t like reading a lot of copy, search engines prefer longer descriptions. Do not be afraid of writing a lot, just break it into “chunks.” Each paragraph can have its own heading. When you are describing features and benefits, recap what you are saying using bullet points. In the example above, you might say:

  • Homemade meals
  • Delivered right to your door
  • No clean up
  • Nutritious
  • Delicious
  • Very affordable

Remember, the home page is not an “About Us” page, it is an “About the Customer and their problem” page. As such, I recommend adding customer testimonials somewhere on your home page. Don’t hide them all on a testimonials page, put them right where if reinforces the story you are telling above.

Remember, the home page is not an About Us page, it is an About the Customer and their problem page. Click To Tweet

OK, now you’ve written the copy for your homepage, and it is talking directly to your ideal customer. The next question is,

How Many Links Do I Need to Get on Page 1 of Google?

The answer is […]

Characteristics of Successful Content marketing Campaigns

Guest post by Hristina Nikolovska

Content marketing is a tried and tested marketing strategy that can build your brand’s reputation while simultaneously helping you bring prospects to the top of your sales funnel. However, these only come with successful campaigns. According to a 2016 study, only 30% of B2B marketers said their organizations were effective at content marketing.

Successful content marketing campaigns do not happen by chance. They take a lot of time, attention and, most important of all, planning. The process involves a good understanding of the dynamics of the relationship between customers and businesses.

Unfortunately, most business owners and marketers do not approach their content marketing campaigns carefully. Many are careless with their approach, piecing together various strategies and merely hoping to see good results in the end.

While there are no two successful content marketing campaigns that look exactly the same, there are a set of characteristics they have in common.

Highlighted below are some essential aspects of successful content marketing campaigns.

Made for a Clearly Defined Audience

Before crafting any content or considering your marketing funnel, you must establish who you’re directing your marketing efforts at.

This will ensure that all your content is tailored to fit the needs of your ideal customer or client.

The following questions would help your cause:

  • What problems is my product or service aiming to solve?

  • Who would most likely have these problems?

  • What are their defining characteristics? (consider status, age, and general demographic)

Crafting Educational rather than Promotional Content 

Having identified your target audience, the next step is to create what suits them. While creating your content, be sure to mention what the exact problem of your target audience is and how your products help solve them.

In content marketing, producing value-adding content is the main focus. Unlike what is obtainable with ads, your product or business shouldn’t be the center of discussion.


While your content isn’t crafted to promote your business, your offer will do justice to that. But you have to be aware this offer isn’t a hard sell.

Its main goal is fetching mails rather than effecting immediate sales. To make sure of this, however, your content must be unique and valuable.

The main goal is fetching mails rather than effecting immediate sales. Click To Tweet

This offer could take the form of case studies, free consultation, white papers, ebooks, etc. When your customers download these materials, you establish a connection with them. You can do this by […]

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