I first posted about 3D printing about 2 years ago (https://webstoresltd.com/3d-printing-may-change-the-way-we-buy-products/), indicating that I thought it would make a huge impact on how we purchase products. While it is still in in infancy, 3D printing is starting to become available¬† to the masses. This means that the ease of use is improving and the costs are starting to come down. The result is that savvy small business owners are making products on-demand with their 3D printers and selling them on their own websites and sites like Etsy. This technology WILL affect you if it hasn’t already, regardless of what you sell: food, clothing, and artwork are not immune. There was a time not too long ago that we considered photos, music, books, and movies as physical objects – yet today these items are mostly digital. Soon everything will become digital and ecommerce stores may sell only downloadable files which you “print” in your own homes.

Don’t believe me? See what Stan Baldwin and Jessica Hunnicutt are doing in these exclusive interviews.