by Rabia Gul Khan

The word eCommerce stands for “Electronic commerce”. It is a platform where everyone can purchase or sell his or her goods and services online. The clients of e-commerce can make purchases from their computers, smartphones, smartwatches, etc. The competition in the world of eCommerce is increasing rapidly. The modern world is rapidly developing, and new web technologies appear every day. So the trends of eCommerce should be detected continuously. To engage more users, these trends provide several opportunities for entrepreneurs. These trends change the way businesses can interconnect with their clients. It is very important to maintain eCommerce trends to take advantage of them. By keeping your website up to date and informative, you can give your visitors a reason to come back. Search engines visit those websites that are updated and boost their rankings. Websites maintain eCommerce trends to meet their competition. For example, Techvando, a web development company has maintained the latest trends of eCommerce by providing featured-packed custom website development services.

Here are the 5 latest trends you should add to eCommerce websites:

  1. Catchy animations and photography:

For website navigation, page transitions are very crucial. They also improve the experience of the user. They entertain users and make users not only stay longer but also return.

The photographs or images of your product are also vital for a successful eCommerce business website. So it should be taken seriously. Animations on the websites are building blocks of visual storytelling. They make the user experience more instinctive. You will project from a highly competitive industry by adding catchy animations and images to your website.

  1. Chatbots and live chat:

Customers of eCommerce websites expect nonstop assistance so that you can be there when the customers need you. So live chat or chatbots is an unbelievable method to associate with your customers. Chatbot provides product knowledge and support customers who have queries about the product and the process of purchasing the product. Chatbots can also assist visitors in answering questions about the availability of products or services. Chatbots and live chats boost marketing strategies and help you run your online store.

  1. Growth of mobile shopping:

The sales and purchases of goods and services via mobile devices are increasing. Customers use mobile devices to browse or research before any purchase; they also feel comfortable shopping on mobile devices. For this reason, make sure that your website and stores are optimized for mobile devices; in this way, your website will be accessible to a large audience. Because of the internet, businesses are targeting a global audience. This feature is very beneficial for small businesses that want exposure.

  1. Role of social media in Ecommerce:

Social media plays a crucial role in eCommerce as it has changed the way of life, including how we purchase things. For brands, it is a great opportunity to improve their position with the help of social media. Instagram influencers help eCommerce businesses to increase their chances to meet the target audience. These social media sites are constantly updating their features to meet the requirements of buyers.

  1. Responsive website design:

Your website design should be able to adjust to desktop and mobile screens, whether you have a commerce store or blog. If a web development company does not put responsive design, it may be time to reconsider its options. As more and more consumers use mobile devices for browsing, so responsive designs of websites are very much important. A responsive eCommerce website should take into account the factors like platform, screen size, and screen orientation.


Along with the advancement in technology, you need to keep an eye on the latest trends of eCommerce. It will lead you to build a long-lasting relationship with customers and improve customers’ shopping experience. Updated content on the website will persistently improve its performance. To stay competitive and offer a great user experience, it is vital to adopt the latest website trends.

Rabia Gul Khan is an enthusiastic writer, she loves to read and write about new technology, fashion, design, health, and traveling. She is keen to pen down the latest information and knowledge to educate readers about new things.She also finds her interest in writing about marketing and latest trends.