By Abroo Murtaza

Since COVID-19 has been started doing business has become more challenging, your business is successful when building a meaningful relationship with your clients. Today, as we are bound to keep social distance, doing face-to-face meetings is impossible. Now people are more moving towards digital marketing. Many people do online shopping because technology has given the facility to people to connect with any of their favorite brands easily digitally. As we are talking about digital marketing, an SEO consultancy can be very beneficial because these agencies provide you with strategies that help you gain more customer traffic and boost your business.

Email marketing is one of a kind and pillar of digital marketing. 2020 was a year of email for all, and 2021 will not be any different. Email can be an effective way for you to promote products, advocate for their brands, communicate with the target market, and rake in cash. Emails can reach thousands of people, all at a click of a button. As we move even further into 2021, it’s clear that email marketing will become a big focus for many businesses. But for making your business successful first, you need to keep an eye on the current trends to beat the competition.

In this article, we are going to explain to you six email marketing trends that you must prepare for 2021, and the trends are listed below;

#1. Personalization:

When the customer invests in any company, they want to be valued by the brand. While in email marketing, there may occur the problem of personalization that is with automation. Technology has introduced us to the Al that create personalized emails and speak to the customers. Every market goal is to gain maximum profit, and for few years, it has been observed that in email marketing, the company can gain profit with the help of complete personalization. Artificial Intelligence makes it easier to assure personalization by obtaining more data about your customers. To create an email newsletter that feels like it’s there only for the recipient, you will need to create segments that will be as small as possible, and Al helps in this purpose by creating small details and will also talk about each prospect. The basics are fundamental in personalization. Remember to include the customer’s name and consider adding a personalized message.

#2. Privacy Emails:

One of the essential things about this marketing is to assure the customers of their privacy. Everyone very cleverly knows about their privacy and is more conscious about how their data is being used. Make privacy the center of all your email campaigns to ensure your customers that you meet their expectations. Give a continuous review of legislation related to data privacy and transparency with clients. Use your emails to inform customers of any upcoming changes in data privacy and highlight how their information is protected. It will also help display your company’s ethics well and give an effective impression to the customers, and this act will bring more customer traffic to your brand.

#3. Appreciation Emails:

It has been observed that the appreciation emails like birthday emails or any other occasional email bring 342% of more revenue than any other regular or promotional email. It means that customer appreciation emails, even without a pandemic, are enjoying high rates playing a crucial role in a company’s financial success. These are all marketing strategies to make your profit or revenue high. An appreciation email also creates a strong relationship with the client and gains customer trust. These appreciation emails can be of different types, such as Birthday Emails, Anniversary Emails, Milestone Emails, Exclusive Offer Emails, Early Access Emails, Engagement Emails, and Thank You Emails.

#4. User-Generated Content:

User-generated content is not new, but it is one of the simplest ways to get more organic traffic and convert more customers by implementing user-generated content. User-generated content is any form of content like text, videos, images, and audio created by end-users of goods or services. The great thing about user-generated content is that it’s free and is something that can be presented and used in your emails. It has been the claim that user-generated reviews are valuable. When brand email marketers include these contents in their emails, they raise trust levels towards the products or services promoted.

#5. Integrating with Social Media:

Using different platforms increases the possibility of building your audience and their engagement. Nowadays, social media is one of the best platforms for marketing and growing your customer’s traffic. To put it in simple words, If you include social media buttons in your email, your incredible new email offer can be shared by some loyal fans on Facebook, for example. Some of their friends will love to recommend and may want them to become one of your clients too. If you don’t make your emails shareable, there’s a higher chance of enhancing marketing and boosting customer traffic.

#6. More Interactive:

Making your marketing more interactive will make your brand popular among people. Making your email marketing interactive is not complex. There are the following simple and easy ways: Gifs and hover-over imagery Clear CTAs, Design mode options ( dark mode or light mode), Polls and surveys, Interactive carousels to showcase products or services, Gamification elements, etc. you can also add a splash of colors that matches your brand. Using your brand’s trademark colors can increase brand awareness and, eventually, trust between you and your prospects.

Wrapping Up!

Like all the other digital marketing, email marketing is also becoming popular. It is an effective way of marketing. Like all other businesses, this business also requires some strategies to succeed. Today email marketing has changed a lot. It has introduced many new trends and features to enhance the business. We hope that the trends discussed in this article will help you.

Abroo Murtaza is the one enthusiastic and passionate writer who love to write about traveling based on the interest of exploring new places, reading about them and then delivering the knowledge through her pen. Moreover, Abroo is also fond of writing about technology trends, gadgets like latest, mobiles, cameras etc. She thus strives to provide accurate information and knowledge in respective areas of interest and educate people on real terms.