by Sheryl Wright

For a business to run smoothly, a good team is essential. With a great team, you get to notice problems that may arise quickly and solve them quickly. Employees in an organization are valuable assets and need to be treated as such. The most profitable businesses are those that have placed significant effort on their employees’ welfare. Listed below are some ways to improve communication in the workplace;

1.   Empathy by Employer

It is easy for an employer to get carried away by the power vested in them by the company. An empathic employer is able to notice slight misunderstandings and solve them fast. A great leader can see and understand an employee’s point of view. As management, you need to understand the feelings an employee is trying to put across daily, especially about the work environment.  A leader who shows apathy is far less able to run a team effectively than an empathic leader.

2.   Approach on Issues

Just like in all fields of life, issues arise in business now and then. When these issues occur, it is better to address them efficiently and promptly. Sometimes, if a problem is left unresolved, it may lead to delayed productivity and rise to more issues. You can organize regular meetings with your team that will help you get to a solution quicker. Encourage the team to debate as each person gives their input on the best way forward. In some cases, when an issue is not dealt with immediately, it may be watered down by other problems that will arise later on.

3.   Virtual Lunch and Coffee Dates

Food and drinks are more often than not a way to connect with people in a less restrictive environment. You can give each team member the option of a coffee or lunch date per week. With Covid-19 still being prevalent, a face-to-face meet-up may not be possible. You can opt to have a virtual date, and with good business phone systems, it is pretty easy to do. This way you get to learn interesting details about your team and give notes on their work as you also get their opinion on the company. You get to bridge any assumptions that they may have about you or the company and assumptions you may have on them.

4.   Appreciating Individuality

For a team to be in touch, you need to acknowledge that each person is an individual and unique in their own way. It is essential when the team feels that they will not be judged simply because of who they are. Respecting each team member’s opinion and contribution towards a topic can only improve the flow of information as everyone will feel heard and valued. It is beneficial to understand how the team reached a given conclusion.


5.   Hierarchy and Control

Businesses are set up so that there is a chain of command and responsibilities. Work needs to be segmented for the company to run smoothly. That being said, the chain of command needs to be that it is easy for a team member to talk to the management without fear or intimidation. Good ideas can come from anyone. Humanize your job title by being vulnerable, encouraging the same from the team. You can get great feedback about the company this way. Let it be understood that your team should not shy away from accessing you during working hours. Be part of the team you work with.

6.   Gratitude and Appreciation

It is almost impossible to find a person who does not like to get appreciated for their work. Studies show that a good team is a happy team. You can give a smile of approval for a good idea or a nod when a person is giving a presentation to show that you are attentive to what they are saying. Actions speak louder than words, so ensure that your body language matches the message you are trying to put across. Give each member of the team sufficient airtime to express their ideas and do not belittle ideas.

To sum up, be kind, understanding and patient with your team. Establish good and open communication channels that make each team member feel connected to the other. In doing so, you ensure that the team is in touch.

Author Bio:

Sheryl Wright is a freelance writer who specializes in digital marketing, inclusive business, and interior design. If she is not at home reading, she is at a farmers market or climbing in the Rockies. She currently lives in Nashville, TN, with her cat, Saturn.