This is a guest post by by unitedsol. Not only does it contain important SEO information, but there are other lessons to be learned here as well, including the inclusion of backlinks for specific keyword phrases, and showing you how to get others to create content for you.

A website that is appealing and has nice features could not assure you that it will retain the significant traffic, as long as it is following the proper SEO standards and techniques. The search engine optimization techniques are crucial for any website to grow and acquire a valuable prominent place in search engine rankings.

An SEO technique assists to improve your online presence and makes it easy for search engines to crawl and index.  In addition, search engines like Google tend to change their algorithms to ensure that a high-quality website gets an advantage in rankings and a website that is misleading them can be punished.  Here we have mentioned web development tips for a high performing SEO friendly website.

Optimize Website Images

Images offer a better understanding of the content and allow a great user experience. For more efficient approach, scale your images properly to reduce the loading timing of a web page and consider compressing the images for reducing the file size.  However, make sure the quality of the image should not be harmed and the image retains its impact.  First of all the image file name should resonate with the image that is being displayed. For instance, if the image is showing Penguins in snow, the filename for this image shouldn’t be like EFA4425.jpg, instead use penguins-in-snow for better and focused perception.  Now there are multiple online tools available that will make this job easier for you.

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URL should be user-friendly

You may have come across a website having cluttered URL that is a blend of letters and numbers, backslashes and underscores, etc. Can you recall that address again? Off course not, as a web developer you need to consider not utilizing that approach. Not only it is inefficient for readers but search engines also have issues ranking it. The ideal implementation of a well-settled URL contains keywords that are relevant to your business. The URL of your web pages should be simplified, precise and representation of your business industry.

Place Keywords wisely

Provide a set of keywords to your hired web development company in Pakistan that can be acquired through multiple keyword search tools before the initiation of the web development process.  A web developer should be aware of the keywords specific to your industry as they offer a great value and excellent user experience.

As the content that resonates with the search engine rankings criteria get an advantage in the shape of high traffic and increased conversions. Also, do not try to overuse those keywords a lot as a website get penalized through these inefficient approaches of getting user attention.  An efficient keyword implementation in Meta tags, descriptions, titles, headers and footers can bring wonders in the form of great user attraction and elevation in rankings.

Have an organized website structure

The structure of your site represents which pages are of high importance and managing it appropriately is one of the major website optimization approaches. The content present on a site is often linked with the content present on other pages of your site or is linked with other sites. If this internal and external linking is handled properly, the structure of your website will get more organized and it will be easy for search engines to crawl your website.

Mobile Friendly Design

As people like to visit websites more often through mobile devices, the need for a mobile-friendly website has increased. It demands that the CSS for your website should also define the parameters for mobile screen interface and the elements of the website get adjusted accordingly when it is approached through smaller screen devices. With the advent of Google’s mobile-first indexing algorithm, the significance of mobile friendly design can’t be neglected.

Use Heading and Meta Tags Properly

For a powerful SEO strategy, the headings and Meta tags play an important role. They make it easier for readers to read the content. The Headings defines the context of the content so your reader remains stayed on the track.

Meta tags provide information about the web page and work to illuminate the important information on web pages.

Meta tags do not show up on the front page and work to provide information about the web pages to the search engines. These are placed in the <head> section of the HTML


The Sitemap contains information about your web pages. Sitemaps assist search engines to crawl information present on web pages of your website. It is like a catalog of web pages that is easily discoverable by search engines. Submitting your sitemaps is a great way of informing them about the importance of the indexable page on your site.

Sometimes a website lacks proper internal link building, which becomes hard for search engine robots to look for it. The sitemap is a convenient way of guiding them to understand your website structure.

Reduce unnecessary JavaScript

Search engines tend to crawl a website on the basis of its structure. Well in the case of JavaScript enclosed in <script> or linked externally may cause trouble in rankings.

As in the case of HTML, search engines can easily crawl the information out of it, but JavaScript offers a great deal rendering the pages. A little mistake in the script cannot be handled by search engine bots and that leads to inefficacy in crawling and rendering.