This week I want to share with you some important lessons about creating content. As you know, I am a huge believer that you must create content for your website on a consistent basis, as this is one of the primary reasons why someone will return to your website over and over again on a regular basis. Whether it be Facebook, your favorite news site, or Amazon, all the major websites provide new content on a continual basis. You must do the same with your website.

But, you will argue, “I don’t have the time to do that.” Or, you might be thinking, “I don’t have that much to say.” Well, here’s the good news – you can simply get someone else to create your content for you. and you don’t have to hire them or pay them (they might even pay you!).  I recently had a company in Pakistan approach me if they could write a guest blog for my website. You can see the post here. Now I don’t just randomly allow anyone to post on my blog, but if the content is good and relevant, I figure it’s a win-win. I get free content and they get free exposure. In fact, the second lesson for this week is that they got a free link back to their website – they used the anchor text “web development firm in Pakastan,” with a link back to their website. What this means is that when Google looks at this post, and they see that link, Google assigns them 1 vote for that search phrase, moving them higher up in the search engines for that term.Here's the best part about getting others to contribute content to your website - they will now send traffic to you when they share it with their followers! Click To Tweet

But back to getting others to create content for you… Each week I also do a podcast where I interview someone and we talk about business. This week I interviewed John Lawson, one of the top 100 ecommerce influencers in the country. John gave me about an hour of his time and we recorded our conversation. I got some great content, both as audio and video, which I can use for a number of purposes. You will definitely want to check out this interview, especially if you are selling online. Here’s the best part: Both the company in Pakistan and John Lawson will now send traffic to my website as they share their “win” with their friends and followers.

How can you do this for your business? Start by asking your customers.  Make sure there is a “win” in it for them. For example, I would like to encourage any of my readers to submit a blog post or request a podcast interview with me. You will get exposure for your business, and I’ll get free content that I don’t have to create. As long as we talk about what’s working or not working in your business that other readers might get some knowledge out if, anything is fair game. Hit me up, and I’ll make it happen. You can do the same with your customers. The goal is to get others to market your products and services for you.

Amazon of course is the king when it comes to getting others to market for them, whether it be through their affiliate program or by getting customers to leave reviews and convince other customers why they should buy a particular item. the best way to win on the internet is by getting others to create user-contributed content. Social media sites are nothing BUT user-generated content and they are among the most popular of all internet sites. Even many popular ecommerce sites (Amazon, eBay, Etsy) are mostly user-generated content. start using this technique to develop the content on your website.