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Alex Jenkins 67Alex Jenkins 67
21:01 26 May 22
Greg was easy to work with, very responsive to my requests, created an excellent website for my small business and offered support and guidance on issues I had not even considered.
Val BurgessVal Burgess
23:42 11 May 22
I recently purchased Greg's book and am so grateful to have a primer on how to protect my online presence. We all need to protect ourselves and our businesses because the hackers are looking for the weakest link.Thank you Greg
Sanet van BredaSanet van Breda
21:24 11 May 22
Thank you for all your golden nuggets you always share Greg
Eliana SalterEliana Salter
17:28 11 May 22
Met Greg today and he gave me a quick tip which was extremely helpful and easy to follow, even for someone like me who finds internet and computers a bit intimidating....
Michael AlexanderMichael Alexander
16:54 11 May 22
Greg has a wonderful grab bag of tricks, tools, and information about how to sell on line. I am delighted to see and hear him every week!
Connie WernerConnie Werner
00:23 30 Aug 20
Attended Greg's 3 of the 4 free class webinars and have been pleasantly surprised at the amount of very valuable content he presented in each class. This is a must attend for anyone who is trying to get through this Covid-19 business set back or for anyone starting a new business adventure. I highly recommend WebStores for education, web design and more!
bri chessbri chess
22:13 23 Mar 20
I was in need of a revamp for my business website, and I needed it quickly. After a mutual friend recommending him, I reached out to Greg and he helped me out exponentially!With a quick 30-minute phone call, Greg was able to direct me on steps to better my website, as well as helping me with some administrative and design work. He was incredibly efficient and my website looks better and more polished than it ever had!I could only imagine how much more I would get out of taking a class with him or working further one-on-one. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for his business, and would highly recommend him to any prospective clients looking to “up” their website!
Sue EwingSue Ewing
21:01 18 Nov 19
Greg has given me the confidence to build my own website and also to work on a site for an organization I belong to that has not had much done on it since 2010. Greg takes the time in class to answer questions and also help us with our websites.If he offers a class as Arapahoe Community College I would recommend it for you to take. Otherwise you might check out his on line classes to help build confidence.
Peter BrissettePeter Brissette
12:31 21 Mar 19
Greg is simply the best and helping his clients get the most out of their websites and in their marketing. He has a long history of success with his incredible background in software development and his more recent books that he has written that are all about everything he has learned about marketing.Greg is my go to guy for all things ecommerce and website related. I highly recommend him.And his blog post comment to google review hack is amazing!