Why Do Business With Us?

Website Customers:

WebStores Ltd. hosts the websites we design. As a general policy we do not work on websites hosted by others. This allows us to serve you better than by attempting to learn a new hosting environment for each customer. It also allows us to service your website more efficiently. We charge a monthly support/maintenance/email fee which includes the following:

Hosting: Hosting is included at no additional cost to our customers! This is a much better bargain than any hosting company can offer. Often bargain hosting companies offer very cheap hosting packages by putting thousands of websites on a single server, which is how they can afford to offer such cheap plans. These hosting environments can be unreliable and difficult to work with. WebStores contracts with a company in Phoenix to host our servers and they are in a climate controlled, secure server bank right alongside the servers used by CraigsList and other large companies. We provide this level of service within our low monthly fee for support and maintenance and do not require you to pay extra for hosting.

Support: As a customer, when you have a question, you have the option of submitting a support ticket or email if you have a question or need help with your website. We do not charge extra for this service – it’s included in your monthly fee. You may also schedule a time to talk to us on the phone. While we would love to talk to our customers all the time, it isn’t always possible for us to drop what we are doing to assist you. But if you fill out a support ticket or schedule an appointment with us, we will honor your time. Support tickets are typically handled within a few hours. If your issue is critical (ie, your website is down), we will attempt to answer your concerns immediately.

Maintenance: Everything changes constantly on the Internet. New versions of web browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Firefox may cause a website to stop working properly. New database software such as MySQL or SQL server can cause problems, as can the server software itself such as PHP pr ColdFusion. If you have a WordPress website, both WordPress and the myriad of plugins it takes to run your site are constantly being updated. On top of that, hackers are continuously working to break into websites to steal passwords and email addresses (or even credit card numbers). While we cannot insure that your site will never be hacked or be immune from software changes, you can have piece of mind knowing that WebStores Ltd is looking out for you. We continuously monitor your site and fix problems when they arise. There is no extra charge for this service (some companies charge as much as $800 per month just to keep your site up to date). Backups are created 2x per day and are stored off-site (a restore fee is sometimes required as the technicians at the data center may have to physically reload your site).

Email: YourName@YourCompany.com is the sign of a professional business, and our monthly program gives you as many email addresses as needed.

Question – what if I never use your customer support and I never require maintenance on my site as you discuss above; aren’t I then over-paying for just hosting? Answer – If this is the case, then congratulations – we are doing our job so well that that it is essentially invisible to you. Yes, you can find a “hosting-only” package cheaper as mentioned above, but not a service package such as what we offer.

Enhancements, Modifications & Additions: Since these items are not included in the maintenance fee, when you sign up with WebStores Ltd., we provide both initial training on how to do general editing of your website. We also enroll you in our VIP Membership program (which we sell to non-customers for $97/month) that includes a number of training and how-to videos to help you with the up-keep of your website. If you do not have the time to add new products, change photos, edit pages, do minor “tweaks”,  etc. and want WebStores to do this for you, just call us and we’ll be happy to provide you a quote for doing this for you. Ongoing work, such as uploading new files, editing pages and adding items to your site can be quoted for a monthly fee.

Re-Design / Platform Changes: Occasionally a customer may want to completely update their website with a new look and feel. In fact, this is something we recommend every 2 or 3 years, as it keeps the site fresh and modern. While not a part of the monthly fee, current customers receive a substantial discount for a new website design over new customers.

Internet Marketing Customers

Internet marketing customers include those individuals that have hired WebStores Ltd to do various marketing activities on their behalf, including purchasing information products (such as our POWER+ Action Plan or the various DVDs and CDs we sell), as well contracting us to do social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing, SEO (search engine optimization), adwords, or local/mobile marketing for them. These services are not automatic for website customers, but may be purchased separately. Internet marketing customers may be given the same level of access to our VIP membership program or support calls as website customers if appropriate.

Bottom Line: We want to make it easy for you to do business with us!