Imagine having your very own song about you and your business! Perhaps you want to use it as an intro to a podcast, a commercial, or as a background track to a video. Heck, you might even want to produce your own album. If you are like me however, “musician or singer/songwriter is not on your resume.

Enter Suno.ai and Udio. Suno.ai and Udio are making waves, transforming how we create custom music. Whatever you are trying to create, these platforms offer unique features that cater to a wide range of musical needs.They are kind of like ChatGPT for music. Incredibly, both are free! Whenever I showed these in my seminars and webinars, people have been blown away.

Both platforms  will generate the lyrics, the melody and the voices – you get a complete song! If you prefer an instrumental version, you can generate that as well.

Suno.ai: Unleashing Creative Possibilities

Suno.ai thrives on the new and the unconventional, allowing users to experiment with unexpected blends of music genres. Its interface, reminiscent of popular music platforms, makes it easy to navigate, manage, and evolve your music creations. Users can input basic prompts, and Suno.ai will deliver full songs complete with lyrics, melodies, and vocals, in genres ranging from indie to classical, and everything in between.

The platform excels in producing unique song structures with catchy hooks, and extended compositions up to two minutes are possible, enhancing its appeal for more fleshed-out projects.

Here are some examples of songs produced by Suni:

Example 1: AI Revolution​. (indie pop)

Example 2: Digital Revolution. (country)

Example: 3: Unspoken Love (Heavy Metal)

Udio: Precision and Professionalism in Every Note

Udio is renowned for its crisp vocal quality and high fidelity. The platform offers extensive customization in song creation, supporting a variety of musical genres such as rock, pop, electro, and more. It shines with its polished, professional-sounding music that adheres to traditional structures. One of Udio’s standout features is the ease with which users can extend songs beyond the initial 30-second clips, allowing for the creation of longer, cohesive pieces.

Users have the option to input their own lyrics or let the AI generate them, making Udio highly adaptable to specific creative requirements​.

Example 1: Seamless Synchony (indie pop)

Example 2: Digital Harvest Moon (Country)

Example 3: Unheard Devotion (Heavy Metal)

Comparing Usability and Creative Freedom

Both Suno and Udio are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Suno’s Spotify-like interface allows for intuitive navigation and is ideal for those who enjoy mixing different musical styles or require transitions between sections. Udio’s interface, while straightforward, attracts users who value a clean, efficient user experience and offers a slightly more generous free plan, making it a good choice for those exploring AI music generation​.

Community and Innovation

Both platforms are backed by robust community support and continuous updates that enhance usability and expand capabilities. Suno.ai is known for its innovative approach, constantly updating its song generation capabilities and providing a dedicated listening experience. Udio, though newer, quickly established itself with high-quality output and the introduction of specifiable tags for enhanced musical creation​.

Legal Considerations

Navigating the legal landscape is crucial in AI music creation. Both Suno and Udio ensure compliance with copyright laws, allowing users to freely use the music they create without concerns about copyright infringement. This is especially important for commercial uses where copyright issues can lead to significant legal complications.


AI generated music is ideal for podcast intros, corporate commercials and jingles, and background tracks to videos. You could even put together your own album of songs!

Choosing between Suno and Udio ultimately depends on your specific needs and creative goals. If you’re inclined towards experimenting with music and need a tool that supports creative freedom, Suno is likely your best bet. If your priority is crystal-clear audio quality and a more traditional music structure, then Udio will serve you well. Since both are free, I encourage you to experiment with both.

As AI continues to reshape the music industry, Suno and Udio stand out as frontrunners, offering tools that empower users to effortlessly and rapidly create custom music. Whether for professional projects or personal enjoyment, these AI composers are transforming the music creation landscape, making it accessible and exciting for creators everywhere.