by Regina Vinchenko

Video content started to enter our everyday life a long time ago. Before, video was perceived only as entertainment, but today the situation is very different. Various promotional videos have become popular, video content is perfectly promoted in social networks. Therefore, video is becoming a full-fledged content marketing tool.

The easiest way to create modern videos is to use softwares like the Banuba AI video editor. They offer a low time-to-market period and enable brands to save development costs. We will try to understand the working principles of such tools in more detail in this article.

How AI Video Editors Work

Artificial intelligence has been used en masse relatively recently. However, it is almost impossible to avoid the vivid advantages of it. Now let’s analyze the strengths of AI-powered video editors, based on the artificial intelligence:

  1. Save on development (no need to build the features from scratch, tons of them are available out-of-the-box)
  2. 2. Accelerate the time-to-market period (save time – launch faster)
  3. 3. Unique features (see our video editor SDK landing page)
  4. 4. Cross-platform nature (no need to build multiple features for different platforms and operating systems, our SDK supports most of them).


Many social media brands are already using this tool.As an example, we can take the success of the company Weat, which wanted to create its own analogue of Tik-Tok, but focused on a very specific audience – people who are fond of cooking. Accordingly, the app planned to present a full set of options that would allow them to create their own videos with recipes, publish and share them with other users. Thanks to Banuba Video Editor SDK, it was possible to speed up the release process by 50%. At the same time, the app was so handy (thanks to the augmented reality capabilities) that more than 5000 unique users downloaded it in a short period of time. And this was achieved with minimal promotion costs.

Here it is important to understand that artificial intelligence does not just allow processes to be automated, but also helps the user. In many SDK focused on real-time video editing, there is an opportunity to get automatic recommendations.

Some software based on artificial intelligence have even more advanced functionality. There are various built-in templates and the possibility to add subtitles. There are even applications that can automatically select relevant clips from movies or nice-looking photos, and then offer users to try and add them to their videos. All of this makes the process of video editing much easier for a beginner or someone who doesn’t have enough time to understand all the nuances.

How To Choose a video editing SDK

There are lots of video editing SDKs, which at first glance seem to be quite similar. At the same time, it is important to understand that each program is unique and not all applications can be considered as universal solutions. When choosing a program from the variety of available options, you should be guided by the following points:

  1. What features are available for video editing. Despite the fact that this indicator can be classified as basic, you should not neglect it. The service should provide all features for working with video files (trimming, storyboarding, changing the audio, speed correction, etc.).
  2. Availability of additional features. These options include imposing a variety of filters or masks. In addition, for some users, templates provided in advance or the possibility of automatic application of subtitles are also important, but not all services have such options.
  3. User-friendly interface. If you are new to video editing or just don’t want to spend time trying to understand how a program works, you should try to choose applications with a simple interface. Some programs offer the opportunity to watch tutorial videos from the developer, which can be an advantage, or provide access to special tutorials with detailed information.
  4. The possibility of interacting directly with the camera. There are video editors working on the basis of artificial intelligence, which allow you to record clips right within the program. This is often convenient, since the user has to spend much less time transferring video from a third-party program, or preparing it for further processing.


These are just the main points you should take into account when choosing a video editing program. If we are talking about a service that will be integrated into another application, then here it is necessary to look at what opportunities there are for developers. For example, the code in some programs is suitable for operating systems, while in others it is clearly focused on a particular one (for example, based on the installation file, you can only create an application for iOS or Android).


Most popular modern software have the possibility to test all the options of the service in a free trial version. It is better to choose applications that have a trial period. This will allow you to really assess the advantages and disadvantages of the application, guided by your own opinion.

Why Choose Banuba AI Video Editor

Among all the existing tools for video editing (Magisto, Lumen5, Movieous, Meishe and others ) it can be difficult to choose a single suitable option. However, there is one program that has become particularly popular among users – Banuba AI video editor.

This is a modern service that has a number of advantages. Among them there are:

  • accelerated release of the software app, which is made possible through the use of ready-made solutions (templates, masks, etc.);
  • the opportunity to save money that is usually spent on development, using an already ready-made SDK;
  • implementation of all artificial intelligence features quickly and without integration complexities, which makes the software tool more competitive.

Let’s take a look at the success of Chingari as an example. When launching this application, which was a social network for video processing, it was the Banuba Video Editor SDK that was used. Today, this Indonesian social network is the top one in the region. In just three months, more than 30 million downloads of the app have been made, which is an impressive success, with an AppStore score of 4.5. So how did the company manage to achieve such success? It didn’t spend too much time on development, but used a ready-made solution. Thanks to this, it was able to create a cool social network with all sorts of filters and other features for users.

This software will allow you to implement your own idea without too much effort. For representatives of brands, it can be a real find, as well as for bloggers.

Due to the program’s simple and intuitive interface, it is possible to understand it in a minimum amount of time. This allows you to minimize the cost of training and hiring outside experts.

In addition, many users note that Banuba is actually a complete solution. There’s no need to install a separate program to work with filters or other options. Everything you need is already provided for here.


Having carefully studied the features of video editors that function on the basis of the latest developments (i.e. artificial intelligence), it is possible to make a conclusion that this is the technology of the future. The active use of such programs significantly expands the capabilities of many users, because with their help it is easy to make creative videos for promotion on the Internet. This opportunity is already actively used by many brands with world reputation, so it is definitely not worth neglecting it. Moreover, modern programs make video editing much easier. With a quality multifunctional application, you don’t have to waste time on hiring a team of experts.

Regina Vinchenko, PR Flare