Anymore there are a number of AI tools that can create pretty decent images of any character you can image. But wouldn’t it be sweet if you could animate those characters? Today’s post is a hand-on tutorial of how to do just that.

Viggle AI is a new AI startup that just launched its new model which offers to streamline character animation, with a technology that understands real-world physics, making your characters move naturally. This means you can now create stunning animations in minutes.

Let’s start by generating an image in Midjourney. The image can be a realistic looking photo or a stylized cartoon  character.

Then, we go to Pixabay and download a video of a person doing the action we want. Or, you could video yourself doing the action – you just need a video os someone doing the desired action.

Apply the magic of Viggle AI, and we get this:

Here’s how:

Viggle AI is currently in beta, and you can access it for free by joining their Discord channel. Everything happens in Discord as there is no website. You may also be limited to one video per day, especially during peak times.

Once inside, go to one of the Animate channels in the Creator section. There, you have access to a number of commands and options. The easiest and most popular is probably the /mix command. This command allows you to mix any character image with any motion video. Upload an image with a clear character and a video featuring clear motion, and watch the magic happen!

Step 1: enter the /mix command

Step 2: Upload the image and the video

Step 3: Specify background

Step 4: Specify Finetune parameters

Wrapping up: Play the resulting video or click on the download link.

What about animals? Apparently, Viggle.ai is working on that, as well as working on expanding capacity so you aren’t limited to one video a day.

Meanwhile, have fun!