The Importance of Live Events

In my book, The Influencer Effect, I devote an entire chapter to the importance of live events. Regus McKenna, Apple’s first marketing guru, states, “It’s ironic, but true, that in this age of electronic communications, personal interaction is becoming more important than ever.”  This is so true. I personally attend at least 3 live events each week. Why? Because that is how you get to know people. Communicating via social media, email, and even video conferencing or the phone is not a substitute for seeing someone in person. Once you meet someone, you start to establish a bond with them.

This weekend I have the opportunity to speak at a live event called Stern Storming Live 2! It will be September 23rd, 24th and 25th
at the Hilton Double Tree Suites, Greenwood Village, CO. I get to share the stage with some amazing people. You can get your tickets by visiting This is a 3 day workshop where you will learn the messages and storeis to drive your business forward. You are going to get a ton of great content. The event producer, Darrell Stern, will tell you that you need to come to this event because he has put together a great selection of speakers (he has). He will tell you that you need to attend because of the great topics that will be presented (and this is also true).  But there is an even bigger and better reason why you should attend: the connections you will make.

I have never left an event where I didn’t make at least one new friend whom I’ve been able to remain connected with. This event promises this opportunity as well. So do I think you should come listen to my presentation? Absolutely! do I think you should buy my book afterwards? Of course! but more importantly, I just want you to come by and introduce yourself. Say Hi. Grab a selfie and a hug! That’s how you […]

Launch Party Recap

As promised last week, I am going to provide you with a brief recap of how the launch party went, along with the next steps.

First, let me be clear: anytime you release a significant new product of any kind, you need to do a proper launch party / announcement. It doesn’t have to be a book – it can (and should) be any product.  If you need motivation for doing this, please take a look at how Steve Jobs always launched a product. Here is just one example:

My book launch party was a huge success. During the first week of the launch I hit the #1 Amazon best-seller status in two different categories: web marketing and ecommerce professional. We had over 65 people attend the launch event. Perhaps most importantly, everyone had a great time and met lots of new contacts.

The hosts for my event were Angel Tuccy and Eric Reamer of the Experience Pros radio show.  In addition to having a live event, we also broadcast the presentations using Facebook Live. Once again, I asked for product reviews on Amazon (and I am still in need of these, so please post your review at:

After the party, […]

Keeping the Momentum Going

As the third post in this series of how to launch a product, it is important to understand that you have to keep the momentum going. Don’t stop just as you have things moving! Here’s a recap of what I’ve discussed so far and the initial results:

  1. We talked about thunderclap and getting others to help promote your launch.
  2. We discussed getting reviews and endorsements.

The results as far as my new book, The Influencer Effect ( have been incredible! We reached over 2.1 million people on the Thunderclap cmapaign. I’ve had people posting photos of themeselves with the book all over social media.  One person even interviewed me (you can watch the video here:  Another colleague ran a contest where he gave away 2 copies of the ebook and set an expiration for 2 hours into the future. People kept asking to be included for up to 2 days afterwards, and he pointed them to Amazon where they could get the book for just 0.99. Because of all this excitement, the book made it to number 1 on Amazon! That’s a pretty good start to a product launch, so now is not the time to let up.

This week, I’m going to host a book launch party – if you are in Denver, plese join us on Thursday evening ( If you can’t join us in person, then catch us on the Facebook Live video:

Here is what you do next to keep the momentum of your product launch going.


Getting Reviews and Endorsements

This is the next part of my launch series, where I am documenting what I am doing with my book launch so that you can apply these techniques to your own product launches. today, I’m going to discuss getting productreviews and endorsements. For my book, “The Influencer Effect“,  I’ve been blessed with a number of great endorsements, even before the book launch. People who are very big names in internet marketing have written me positive endorsements which I have been able to included in the “advanced praise” section of the book. You might be asking, “How did you do that?” The simple truth is, I asked them. Now you might ask these same people, and they would turn you down because I have a personal relationship with them. I know everyone of them. .I have been to their events. I have shared the stage with them. that makes it easier to ask, and know that you will get a positive response.

Most of you reading this post however are not in internet marketing, your business is selling physical goods or services. you simply use internet marketing to promote your business. Here’s the thing: if you are a doctor, get other doctors to endorse you. If you are an accountant, get someone from the IRS or the Social Security Administration to endorse you. Get your customers to endorse you. Never make it about yourself – even the people who contributed to the book did so not only because they are friends, but because they get additional exposure for their businesses. Build a relationship with people, then ask them if you can promote them with your new product. Always remember to […]

How can I help you?

I get it – you really don’t care that I’m launching a new product. Why should you? You want to know how I can help you. That is what today’s article is all about. It is also what my new book, The Influencer Effect, is also about. So, let me describe for you how I am launching my new book, and how you can apply these same techniques to your product launches.

I recently had a friend post this about me on social media: “My brilliant friend Greg Jameson is launching his new book. If you’ve ever thought about writing a book or are in the process yourself, connect with Greg and watch him weave his marketing magic and learn from the master. Most importantly, jump onto his Thunderclap platform and watch how it’s done. And of course, when the book comes out, grab it, read it, put it into action. This guy is scary smart when it comes to online marketing. Live. Learn. Prosper!”

Wow! Now I have to live up to that.

Here’s the link to the Thunderclap he is referring to:

Of course, what I have to share with you is not really about launching a new book, but about launching your new products, whether it be a t-shirt with a new saying on it, a new flavor of jam, or a gadget you invented. I’ve decided to document my entire product launch and share it with you so you can apply this to your business.

The first thing you must understand when launching a new product is that it is not about the product. And It’s not about you. It’s about how you and your product can help someone else. I have to remind myself about that frequently. I’ve asked a lot of people to help me with my new book, and most of them have said yes. But the reason most people help you is either because you’ve done something for them, or you are going to do something for them. This might be


Are you afraid of Facebook?

I recently had a friend explain that she had been with another person in a public place, when they spotted someone they thought they knew. They weren’t sure, but they said, “I think his name is Bill.”  Within an hour, Facebook posted on her timeline, “people you may know,” and Bill’s profile was displayed! Needless to say, she got a little freaked out.

I made a joke to her that if both her and Bill had their cell phones with them and had the Facebook app installed, well, duh! Of course Facebook knew they were at the same place, just like Facebook tracks you when you enter a business and that business is advertising of Facebook. Of course, this is not a joke if your priviacy rights are being violated.

Facebook doesn’t deny that it is listening to your conversations, but claims it is not being used for advertising, just for helping you get the kind of content you want. Yikes! You can turn this feature off, as described in this article:

Facebook of course is constantly working on new applications to “make your life easier.” One of those is artificial intelligence (AI). Recently Facebook had to unplug two AI’s that decided englishwas an ineffcient and illogical way of communicating and developed their own language. You can view that article here:

Amazon and Google have long been reading our searches and helpfully suggesting products we might like to buy. This type of advertising was made famous in the 2002 movie, Minority Report, and today we are starting to see this in advertising, including Facebook ads and retargeting ads.

Does this make you nervous about the future or excited for just what technology can do for you? Are you a business owner that employs digital ads?


Quick Announcement and a Favor

I am super excited to announce the launch of my new book, The Influencer Effect. People who have read the book have stated that this is something special and perhaps the most significant business marketing book of the year. But I need your help. Would you please do me a favor by helping with the launch process? All you have to do is join my thunderclap campaign by going to:

and signing up. It takes less than 1 minute, but I need to get at least 100 supporters to make this work.

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

Greg […]

I thought the goal of networking groups was to network!

My friend Kevin Knebl recently posted this on Facebook. There is a lot to learn here about how to use social media…

GAL: “I post all the time but I don’t get many people liking, commenting, or sharing my posts. How do I get more engagement on my Social Media posts, Kev?”
ME: “Do you ever attend networking events, Gal?”
GAL: “Yes.”
ME: “How do you get people to be interested in you at the networking events you attend?”
GAL: “No one really seems that interested in me or what I do. They all seem to just want to talk about themselves and their businesses.”
ME: “Why do you think that is?”
GAL: “I don’t know. I thought the goal of networking groups was to network.”
ME: “A communication tool is only as effective as the communication skills of the person with the tool.”
GAL: “Huh?”
ME: “A networking group is a communication tool.”
GAL: “I never thought of it that way.”
ME: “Social Media platforms are communication tools.”
GAL: “Okay.”
ME: “A communication tool is only as effective as the communication skills of the person with the tool.”
GAL: “You already said that.”
ME: “Yes, but you didn’t understand it. You still don’t. And that’s okay. Most people don’t have good communication skills.”
GAL: “How can you say that?”
ME: “Look around.”
GAL: *silence*
ME: “Are you good at what you do?”
GAL: “Yes.”
ME: “Then how come […]

Amazon vs. Walmart: Why it Matters to Small etailers

Whenever there are competing products and services, the customer often wins with lower prices, better service, and even free shipping. That is certainly the case in the battle between Amazon and Walmart. With Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods, we can expect the consumer to benefit with their grocery purchases as well. The long term plan of course is to have Amazon drones deliver groceries to your door. Or for larger deliveries, Amazon’s self-driving delivery cars.

As Amazon targets Walmart’s grocery dominance, Walmart has been doing the same by ramping up its overall ecommerce push, having recently acquired apparel retailers Moosejaw and Modcloth. Last August, it paid $3 billion for consumer products retailer To compete with Amazon, Walmart has lowered its shipping prices to zero when you place an order for $25 or more, without the need for an annual prime subscription. Amazon followed suit and dropped its free shipping threshold to $25.

Amazon has been beating Walmart at it “everyday low-price guarantee”. Walmart responded by calling in the major consumer suppliers — from diapers to clothes to TVs — with an offer they couldn’t refuse: Either cut their wholesale prices by at least 15 percent off, or Walmart would limit their presence in stores and create its own branded products to compete with them. Amazon, never afraid to cut sales margins by increasing volume, has responded by selling even more CRaP, an inside Amazon acronym for “Can’t Realize a Profit” products.

We know this is good news for consumers, but how does it affect you? If Amazon […]

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