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Cyber attacks are a very real threat in today’s business. Cybercrime is now a bigger global criminal enterprise than even the drug trade, costing organizations over $6 trillion per year. When large organizations are hit with a cyber attack, they tend to have the financial resources to combat it, even though it may destroy their trust with their customers for a period of time. Small companies however can simply be wiped out in an instant.

Over the years I’ve run hundreds of websites, and almost every one of them has been targeted at some point. I’ve been tasked with the responsibility of removing the malware and ensuring that the hackers were not able to get back in. I’ve had to file Google reconsideration requests for my clients, install security plugins, add 2-factor authentication to their websites, and unencrypt ransomware. This is what makes me qualified to write a book on cyber security. And it is why you should read it. Available now on Amazon at https://amzn.to/3oFRYhN.

Today I’m launching the book on Amazon. It’s called “Cyber Wars.” And yes, it contains a silly story with Star Wars like references, intended to make the reading a little more light-hearted and enjoyable. But the subject is very real and must be taken seriously.

Here is what one reviewer has to say about Cyber Wars:

“My company, Vengreso, works with some of the biggest cyber security companies in the world. So, I know Greg is right; keeping your data and your company and your buyers safe is no joke! Companies are pouring billions into cyber-security. But what about the little guy? The Solopreneur? The mom-and-pop business? Do they need to worry? And what can they do? Fortunately, Greg has over 25 years running, and helping other run web-based businesses, and his thorough knowledge and research helped to create this gem, “Cyber Wars”. It will walk you through the basics of what it takes to protect yourself from hackers and scammers, and the knowledge about what to do when you do experience a cyber-attack. Because it will happen. But with this book, you’ll be armed. “

Viveka von Rosen-Martin,
Cofounder and CVO (Chief Visibility Officer) of Vengreso

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