Whenever you do a search on Google, there is an “auto-suggest” box that appears. For example, when I start to type my name, even before I finish typing it, Google brings up a list of what I might be searching for and displays some suggestions as shown below. A large number of people searching the internet use these auto-suggestions. What if you could control what Google displayed in the auto-suggestions box instead of having to rely on search placement? This would preempt the search results!


Obviously, just like search engine results, auto-suggestions are controlled by a number of factors. If you attempt to search on my name, the suggestions that are displayed for you may be very different than what is displayed for me based on past search history, location, and frequency of searches. So the question is, can you target a keyword or phrase and have Google auto-suggest that to people looking for what you are selling, and then have the results display your website in the results?

As a business owner, you may be able to influence the auto-suggestion results!

This is good, because some suggestions provided by Google Auto Suggest can actually help Google users find your website. This can be a boon to your business. However, negative auto-suggestions, such as “your company name fraud” or “your company name scam” could destroy your business.

The best way to get the results you want in the auto-suggestions is to have lots of people searching for the term you are targeting. To start influencing the Google Auto Suggest, you can choose the suggestion phrase you want and create a Google website address that represents that search. For example, if you go to Google and run a search for the word “WebStores Ltd,” the resulting search page has a specific URL. It will look like this:


What you need to do is provide links to this URL in your various marketing materials to get people to click on that link. This causes Google to view the terms you are including in the link as an auto-suggestion. After enough people from enough different geographic areas have clicked on this link, Google will begin using that as an auto-suggest term for anyone. So when you click on the link above, and approximately 1000 others also click on this link, then in the future, when someone else is just starting to type in “webs” before they even complete what they were searching for, the auto-suggestion is displayed!


This basically replaces the old “did you mean…” phrase that Google provided several years ago. Here’s another example: your company is “Master Nursery” and one of the things you sell is organic fertilizer. You understand that people are going to search for “organic fertilizer, so you create an auto-suggest url by searching for “organic fertilizer by Master Nursery”. The new url is:


Following these steps, your goal is that when someone starts searching for “organic fertilizer”, that the auto-suggest term of “organic fertilizer by Master Nursery” will be displayed for the user to click on BEFORE getting to the search results page.

In this way, you can by-pass SEO. Create your auto-suggest URL and send it out to everyone you know asking them to click on the link. Make sure that every time you are traveling, that you also click on the link. You may soon become the de-facto result in auto-suggest, even before someone sees the search results. Please leave your comments below and let me know what you think.