As a way to help businesses and organizations during this transitional time, I have been working on virtual trade shows. The first of these will go live on Saturday, September 25th. But I would appreciate your help.

This event is called the Small Ship Cruising Expo. The exhibitors are cruise lines that offer various types of cruises using small ships to places such as Antarctica, the Galapagos, and the rivers of Europe. Attendees are expected to be anyone who is looking for a unique vacation alternative.

If you could register as an attendee, you will get access to the entire site. Use coupon code “SSCE21” to register for free. Once registered, you can attend the live event on September 25th, plus you will have access to the entire virtual trade show for 30 days.


The reason I’m giving you free access is I would really appreciate your advice on the structure of this trade show. We are including the following unique aspects that most virtual events don’t address:

  • Custom Floor Plans (in this case a ship’s deck with cabins as booths)
  • Searchable directory listings
  • Custom virtual booths with links
  • Live chats with exhibitors during show hours (they will be staffing their booths during show hours)
  • Points for earning rewards (based on tracking attendee activities)
  • Built-in eCommerce (ship store)
  • A full conference where exhibitors can showcase their offerings (presented live and recorded for future viewing)

Obviously, I am excited about this – we’ve attempted to make this the most comprehensive alternative to in-person events available. I recently did a podcast with Dr. Judith Briles discussing how virtual trade shows like this can be beneficial for many industries.


After the show, I’d really love to hear what you think. Let me know what you thought of the show and all the unique features we’ve included. Please register here and let me know! Thanks!!!