Getting 5 Star Reviews

In a recent podcast interview, I discussed with my guest, Michelle Hoglan, about the importance of reviews. You can find this episode at (While your there, hop on over to iTunes and leave a review!) As business owners, we’d all like to get a ton of positive reviews, whether it be on Google, Facebook, Yelp, our own websites, or any number of othwer places where customers might be looking to see if they should do business with us.

I was recently asked to create a “leave-behind” for a service company, where the customer could write a review on Google. As it turns out, this process isn’t intutitve, so I thought I’d lay out the instructions for some of the more popular places to leave reviews. Let’s start with Google, where we want to create a direct link, rather than making our customers follow multiple steps when we ask them to review us.

To create a link, you’ll need to get the Place ID for your business. To get your Place ID:

  1. Go to the PlaceID Lookup Tool.
  2. Enter your business name in the “Enter a location” field at the top of the map.
  3. Click your business name in the list that appears.
  4. Your Place ID will appear on the map, beneath your business name.

Add your Place ID to the following URL to create your link:


Using the example above, the URL with the Place ID added would be:


You can now use this link to leave a review, or shorten it with a URL shortnerlike For example:

If you like the content I provide each week on this blog, please go ahead and follow the link above and leave me a positive review!


Another place you want your customers to leave reviews is on […]

The 5 core elements online shoppers value most

Having been in the ecommerce business for a couple of decades, I still have clients ask me why they are not selling more online. Most people mistakingly believe that once they put up a website that they can sit back and watch the orders roll in. Nothing could be further from the truth – your work is just getting started! Now you have to let people know that your site exists. You need to get everyone you know to share your site, leave reviews, and start talking about it. Getting others to promote your website is not just what my book, The Influencer Effect is all about, it is CRITICAL for the success of your website. You’ll notice for example that I’ve been promoting other products and websites as part of being an influencer. Here is an example:

As a part of Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Team, I’ve got a real cool freebie for you…
Jeff just released his Product Launch Blueprint… it’s a downloadable, 18-page PDF, plus a full-length training video that walks you through the Blueprint step-by-step.
Go and grab it right now here:
This is part of his larger Product Launch Workshop series but this is seriously the best section of his whole training so if you do nothing else, grab this pdf and print it out.

OK, back to what online shoppers want from your website, here is a simple infographic that explains some of the more important features of an ecommerce website. […]

Turn Your Facebook Page Into a Website!

Several years ago, facebookhad the ability for your business fan page to act and behave like a website. You could actually show different content to people who had liked your page than to those who didn’t. You could create dirrent pages that brought up different “apps”, such as signing up for your emails. Then they took it all away, making every page look just like every other page. You had to conform. resistance was futile.

Some apps, especially ecommerce apps, allowed you to still build other pages into your page. For example, you can shop directly inside of Facebook at the Cyberbase Tradng Post page ( And, with a little persistence, you can add new “tabs” to you your page. But what if you could actually make your Facebook Fan Page be a website? Now since more people are on Facebook than on your current website, that would be cool.

There is a Facebook-approved app that will allow you to do exactly that. It’s called 22Social and they create what they call “Promo Pages”. Here is an example:

Notice that the menu selections (tabs) on the left can contain whatever items you want. The page itself doesn’t look like your typical Facebook page. […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Podcast Exposure

Being interviewed on a radio show or podcast can be great for your business. While podcasts have been around for a long time now, they are continuing to become more and more popular. Smart phone apps, podcast directories like iTunes, IHeartRadio, and TuneIn, as well as cars with built-in podcast capabilities are contributing to the rise of podcast consumption. So how do you get interviewed, and when you do land a spot on a podcast, what can you do to insure that your message is heard?

Over the past year I’ve been on at least one podcast or radio show each month (you can check them out at This year I started my own podcast as well, where I get to interview others (  Here is what I’ve discovered and how you can gain this type of expsoure for your business.

Start by […]

Teaching Alexa New Tricks

Amazon’s Echo Dot was the online retailer’s most popular gift this past holiday season. It has been estimated that over 16 million of these devices have been sold. With that kind of traction, this little voice activated robot could totally disrupt how we not only perform tasks like turning on lights, playing music or asking for help with a recipe, but the way that customers find us online. Alexa may well become a search engine.

Alexa continues to get smarter every day. One of the reasons that Alexa keeps getting smarter is that Amazon has provded developers with a way to add new “skills” to Alexa. Thus, if you are the producer a new gadget automates, say washing windows, you can create a skill for Alexa that would be triggered when someone would say, “Alexa, wash my windows.”

If you are selling something of course, that capability is already built into Alexa, as long as you are selling on Amazon. But what if you want to add a new skill to Alexa like playing your podcast? The simplest way to do this is to build what Amazon calls a “Flash Briefing Skill.” Start by heading over to: […]

The power of reviews (even fake ones!)

In this amazing video, you see first hand the power of reviews. Oobah Butler used an assault of fake reviews to get his ‘restaurant’ to the hallowed top spot on TripAdvisor. Only thing is, the restaaurant doesn’t exist!

This video was just posted today and already has over 75,000 views in about 6 hours. I expect it will go viral in a matter of days. Watch it now.

By no means am I suggesting that you use fake reviews, I am merely pointing out how powerful reviews can be for your business. When you think of influencer marketing, this shows you how it can totally transform a business.


New Finds to Extend WooCommerce

Recently, I’ve come across some additional WordPress plugins that didn’t make it into my book, the Influencer Effect, but which deserve attention. These all work with WooCommerce, which is huge and why I’m discussing them, but even if you don’t have a WooCommerce site, these are great add-ons for any WordPress website. I will cover 3 plugins that I believe are worth looking at: Broadcast, WordPoints, and Affiliates. Let’s take a look at each of these and see how they might benefit your company.

Broadcasting Content

By broadcasting content, I am not talking about writing a blog post and having it automatically generate a newsletter like MailPoet does, or syndicating your content to various social media sites like MicroBlog Poster does. Those are great plugins and I’ve previously discussed those. What I’m talking about here is the ability to create a blog post on one site, and have it syndicate the content to another site. Sure, you can use an RSS feed plugin and display the content, but what “Broadcast” does is to actually post your blog to multiple sites at the same time. If you run several sites, like I do, or you have a franchise, school district, chain store, etc. you might find this very useful.

Download the “Broadcast” plugin at There are a number of add-ons to this plugin which extend its functionality even further. For example, there is an add-on for WooCommerce. What this allows you to do is set up a product on your wholesale site, then share it automatically to a number of retail sites. That is pretty cool. […]

Augmented Reality App Makes Your Print Materials Come to Life!

Imagine if your business cards or brochures could talk!

I met Michelle Calloway at a recent conference I attended, who introduced me to her product, Reavlio, and I just have to share it with you. Business owners are usually on the look out for something that is going to be the next big thing and try to get in on it before everyone else does. Augmented reality (AR) is one of the hottest new technologies sweeping the world. Look no further than the runaway success of Pokémon GO as an indication of how eager consumers are to embrace AR. REVEALiO is making augmented reality very accessible and affordable for you to use as a marketing tool that will instantly set you apart from competitors, and be looked upon as a Top Leader in Your Industry. If you have a physical store with point of sale signs, this could be like having your very best sales person standing night next to your product and describing the benefits to anyone.

Sign up for Revealio now!


Using Facebook to Reach LinkedIn Contacts

Doing an email blast to your LinkedIn contacts is considered spam and is not permitted. But you can actually export your LinkedIn emails and use them as the basis of an advertising campaign on Facebook. Then you can take them to an email signup page, where you can send them your newsletter. Remember, the idea of a Facebook ad is not to try to sell them something. The primary purpose is to get their email address. Yes, you already have their email address, but you don’t have their permission to send them sales messages. you need to offer them so compelling, that they will not only gladly share their email address with you, but they will want to share your information with others. This is a great way to establish a know, like, and trust factor with your LinkedIn audience. This is not only permissible, but if you have an active LinkedIn presence, it is something I’d recommend (in fact, I encourage it in my book, The Influencer effect.”)

You can use this same technique with purchased or rented email lists, which like LinkedIn, those emails do not belong to you. Since they are likely your target audience, you need a way to reach out to them and offer your free product so that you can get them on your own list. Here’s how.

Start by going to your LinkedIn account. Choose “Privacy and Settings.”

Scroll down until […]

Happy Thanksgiving, Small Business Saturday, & Warren Miller

This past year has been the year of gratitude – it seems like lots of folks have held 30 day gratitude challenges recently. Thanksgiving is certainly a great time to participate in showing your gratitude. Here at WebStores, we’d really like to express our thanks and appreciation for you and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

As you prepare for the busy time of the year with your holiday sales, starting on Black Friday and going through Cyber Monday, don’t forget about Small Business Saturday.

Case Study: A True Content Marketing Pioneer

I realize not everyone who reads my blog is as passionate about skiing as I am, but as I was attending the most recent Warren Miller film last night, I thought about what an amazing job Warren Miller did to not only create the ultimate life-style business, but how he has been using content marketing longer than the term has been in existence. For the past 68 years, Warren Miller has produced a minimum of one feature length film each year about skiing. That is a lot of content. the films are sponsored by other companies: ski areas, equipment companies, lodging, transportation, clothing, etc. The admission price to the movie includes a couple of free and 2-for-1 lift tickets and a subscription to Ski magazone. At each showing of the film, they give away prizes, including drawings for ski vacations as well as specific products. As a result, the Warren Miller team probably has the single largest database of skiers anywhere. This is a company that is […]