How chatbots Can Help the Ecommerce Industry

Guest Post by Hassan Khan

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Often thought of as the unique selling proposition of the world of e-commerce and marketing, chatbots are short for chat robot technology which has the ability to simulate human interactions, in this case sales assistant and consumer interactions, through artificial intelligence. This software can interact with consumers, answer their queries as well as their concerns in the format of a regular conversation which uses text and sometimes even voice and images.

The realm of telegenic marketing is fast evolving with innovative ideas and strategies being introduced. It is considered that chatbots are an asset to e-commerce stores due to their ability to cultivate a shopping experience that resembles real life commerce. To what extent can chatbots assist the e commerce business? That is something that must be discussed in detail before a company chooses to adopt this novel strategy.

Improving Consumer Interaction

A research conducted by Sprout Social came to the conclusion that 5 out of 6 messages that require a reply go completely unanswered by most companies with a waiting time of around 10 hours being the average for those which do get a reply eventually. It is frustrating for customers to […]

Today’s Most Effective Marketing Tool

Several years ago, SMS marketing became a very popular tool. You’ve seen it. “Text ‘PIZZA’ to 55-555 for regular coupons at your favorite pizzeria.”

Texting is the most used data service in the world. People text for hundreds reasons every day! And virtually all messages are read almost instantly – 96% are read within 3 minutes of being sent. The average response time for text messages is just 90 seconds! This blows away every other marketing tool, including email which averages a 20% open rate. Because of its prevalence and popularity among consumers, texting could be the single most beneficial tool for your business that you’re not already using.

But how do you turn texting into an automated marketing tool instead of texting your customers one by one? The answer is to use a bulk SMS mass text-messaging platform like TextMagic. The fact is, customers would rather text you than have to call someone else. Last year, only 14% of phone calls to businesses were answered without being placed on hold.

A fully-featured 30 day trial of TextMagic is available for you to try and no credit card is required!

Have you ever been given a list of contact information with address and phone numbers but no email addresses? Most often those phone numbers are cell numbers! and you don’t need to worry about clogging up your personal cell number with business messages or making yourself open to everyone, as TextMagic uses virtual mobile numbers and messages can come back to you via email or through your online dashboard. Click here to start your 30 day trial of TextMagic.

iTunes is Dead!

I don’t know if you’ve heard?

But Apple is killing iTunes.

After 18 years, Apple decided to end the app and move on to other ventures. (Sort of…)

Why should you care?

I’ll tell ya. […]

How come I’m not listed on the first page of Google?

This is still the question that most business owners ask. However, I always tell my clients that if they do everything else well, the search engines will take care of themselves. This means that we need to look at what is going on with your website and your overall web presence to see why you are not listed on page one of Google.

You should also understand that Search engines are not the only source of traffic (in fact, I would argue, they are not even the primary source of traffic for most sites.)

I would argue that search engines are not the primary source of traffic for most websites. Click To Tweet

You hear stats all the time that Google accounts for somewhere between 70% to 90% of the search market. While this clearly makes them the market leader and dominant player in the search world, that does not mean that they are the only ones driving traffic to your website! Various studies indicate that organic search drives somewhere between 34.8% and 51% of total website traffic. Social media drives another 5% to 25.6% of traffic. Paid traffic accounts for maybe another 10%. Where does the rest of the traffic come from? The answer is often YOU! People either click on a link that you put out on the internet (such as a directory listing or blog post), they enter your url directly into the address bar, or they get there through an email that you sent them. This is as much as 60% of the traffic that comes to your website and it is traffic that YOU (not Google) control.

I recently had a conversation with a client who had discovered that he was “invisible” to the search engines and was really concerned about this. Then, I got a message from a another client asking me how come he didn’t show up on page 1 of Google. Despite the fact that most of your traffic comes directly from your own efforts, these companies (like most of us) value the free, organic traffic that Google sends our way. So, I did an analysis of his website and here is what I found, and the solutions  that I recommended: […]

Facebook Newsfeed coming to and end?

Last week I read numerous articles about how the Facebook Newsfeed would soon become a legacy product – it will essentially go away in favor of private messaging. See one such article here.  Here is why this is significant: Nothing lasts for ever. If you are relying on social media sites as your sole place to post articles, drive traffic, or establish a web presence, then you are basically “renting” space. When (not if) a platform changes, gets bought, or goes away, you are vulnerable yourself. It is critical for your business that you have your own home on the internet (that is, that you have your own website and can control your own visitors). This is why it is so important to grow your email list where you own the customer. Having 10,000 fans on Facebook or Instagram is NOT the same as having an email list of even 1,000 true fans. Not only are email open rates better than organic Facebook reach, but no one can take them away from you. yes, they might unsubscribe, but some third party, like Facebook, isn’t suddenly going to change their business model and stop giving you access to them.

So what will happen if the Facebook Newsfeed goes away? Will a competitor step in and take over this space, or is this model past its prime? Will we all stop wasting time on social media and get our lives back? Personally, I don’t think so – we have all become accustomed to communicating with each other via social media channels and we enjoy it.


SEO Factors Are Constantly Changing

Back in the early days of the internet, most people didn’t know how to get to the content that they wanted unless they knew the website by name, and this web address was type sensitive to make matters more difficult. Then came search engines, the first of which started back in 1993, and just 5 years later, Google and MSN were launched onto the world wide web, triggering our modern way of life with smart devices and being connected.

There is so much opportunity in SEO and SERPs (Search Engine Response Pages) that in 2009, in the early days of ‘Bing, Yahoo merged with them in their attempt to get a firm grip of the market. Try as they might, today Google still controls over 90% of the SEO market share, WORLDWIDE.

SEO is not about having a page filled with ads, nor does it have to be an overly complicated system. In fact, the true winner of website traffic drivers is organic content, as opposed to paid for ads, however you still need to get your content at the top of SERPs results. Nearly 39% of all ecommerce traffic comes from the search bar, after all, search engines were created for users to connect to what they knew was out there, but didn’t know where to find it. You want to ensure that your site has the right content to rank high on search engines.

The web is moving so fast that SEO seems to be changing on a daily basis. It started predominantly on the PC, then moved to mobile and smart devices. By 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches, making mobile friendly websites a must have.

The systems behind all of this information is intense, for example: Google’s Rankbrain multitasking algorithm. This algorithm analyses incoming queries and searches and determines the most relevant result to be displayed first, but is not the only search algorithm found behind your WWW searches.

Guest post:

Written by: Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for tech and marketing. Some of his current ventures include, Progos Tech, Titan Tech and Smart Marketing.  […]

Mistakes To Avoid While Building An E-Commerce Website?

A ecommerce expert once said that business has moved from the marketplace to the market space. It’s very hard to comprehend this statement considering that the marketplace itself is a space. I believe that what he is saying is that business has gone cyber, hence the use of space (as in cyberspace). There are lots of proofs to back this claim. The internet has also caused an increase in the development of small and medium scale enterprises. This is because it provides the best of opportunities at the minimal of cost to establish your business. Not everyone will have the financial strength to seek help from a very good magento ecommerce agency. Furthermore, the information the ecommerce development company you want to consult uses in serving you is made available km the internet. The internet has made life easy by giving you access to the basics on how to go about on your journey to becoming an ecommerce enterprise owner.

Despite the long epistle of how much the internet can be of help when starting up your own ecommerce enterprise, you could easily get lost while trying to find your way. There are high chances you will or are already making a mistake in the process of building your website. This is probably the reason why your website has not lived up to its full potential. An official website is a necessary for your business and so is having a website that is worth calling and official website. It is somewhat better that you don’t have a website at all than having one that will drive your business to the ground. This article will open your eyes to “Mistakes To Avoid While Building An E-Commerce Website”.

Not having a mobile friendly website

Are you for real? Like you could be a business owner in the year and still not have a website either having a mobile version and/or is optimized for mobile viewing. Considering the fact that your website is an ecommerce website and your potential customers as well as the general public would rather access. This is a mistake you must avoid when building your ecommerce website and you should seek to rectify if you are already guilty of it. By making this mistake you are depriving yourself of the much needed traffic and depriving people of the opportunity to have their needs met. You can either format your website to enable mobile viewers have full access to your website or have two versions (mobile and desktop versions) for your web visitors to choose from.

Having a poor design

If there is a mistake that is more criminal than my previous point then it is the mistake of designing a mistake and calling it and ecommerce website. The aspect of web design is so broad that it should be an independent writeup on its own. It covers a number of issues such as content, navigation, website loading speed and so much more. When designing your website, it is good your choose your content management system based on feedback given by other users rather than  just the description given by the developer. Nobody can assess a product better than it’s user, not even its producer/manufacturer. This is because nobody believes that he or she is doing something that’s not good enough.

Having non-descriptive, unclear or on actions

The issue of call to action is a very tenacious one as you can easily go off track by trying to do the right thing. I have witnessed a case where I had to turn down the opportunity of taking a call to action as the call to action button was just all in my face. It was very flashy, so flashy that I left the content of the message and started on the PowerPoint display before me. Despite all that, it is best that you use a very clear call to action. Always use buttons as against the use of links. You should […]

Take Charge of Your Website!

Any web developer knows that it takes a large amount of work to design and launch a new website. Once that website is up and running, however, you’ll need to continue working to manage it. If you’re handling website management for a company, understand that annual site management will need roughly the same amount of financial resources as designing and building the site in the first place. Which elicits this question: Should you maintain your business Web site yourself or pay someone to do it for you?

If you’re handling website management for a company, understand that annual site management will need roughly the same amount of financial resources as designing and building the site in the first place. Click To Tweet

Some of the worst advice I’ve seen asks this question: Could your time be better spent doing more important things like, oh I don’t know, running your business? If so, then you have no business building and maintaining a Web site. WHAT? Your website IS your business – it is your online presence and you absolutely NEED to maintain it yourself. Turning this task over to someone else is like turning over your business to a third party and expecting that it will succeed. Granted there are some tasks that can (and in many cases should) be outsourced, like server  requirements, software patches, and the like, but think about it this way: If you have a physical store and decide to hold a sale, do you hire an outside party to come in and create an end-cap display of the products you are promoting or do you make the decision and change your store yourself? Your website is no different – you need the skills to update your website yourself based on the needs of your business at any given point in time.

I have recently been sharing a series of videos about maintaining your own website in a free online course called “Take Charge of Your Website!” In the final video […]

Why Do Websites Break?

If you have ever had a website, you know that they are never finished. Nor are they supposed to be. As your business changes and you get new products and services to sell, or you get new information and prices changes for current products and services, your website needs to reflect those changes. But these changes only represent a small piece of what is happening to a website on a daily basis. A website is a complex entity with lots of moving parts, not unlike an automobile.

Imagine you own a car. Obviously you must maintain the car: putting gas in the engine, changing the oil, checking the fluids, checking the tire pressure, rotating the tires, replacing brake pads when they become worn, changing the wiper blades, and servicing parts as they become worn. The good thing with a car is that you usually know what to expect. But what would happen if that car manufacturer decided to update a part, like the oil filter, and the new oil filter didn’t fit your old car? Now you would have to buy an adapter to get the new oil filter to fit the old car. Then, the gas companies decide that the fuel they’ve been selling you needs some new additives to make it more efficient or to meet current EPA guidelines for clean air, but the additives corrupt the seals and your car has to be modified to accommodate the new gas additives. And to top it all off, your car is being driven by thousands of different drivers, all with different driving habits, some of whom break things just because they don’t understand.

That’s pretty much what happens with a website. Hackers, security concerns, new laws and regulations, and advances in technology all put pressures on your website. Nothing is static. Your website is […]

Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

“Be so good they can’t ignore you” – Steve Martin

I don’t like insurance companies. They are in the business of taking your money, then denying claims. This is true for all insurance types: health, home, and auto. Even life insurance expires once you reach a certain age. Basically insurance companies are in business to make money, not to protect you. Except one: USAA. USAA has created a reputation for itself where its members (including me) are fiercely loyal. How did they do that? Let me give you 2 of my personal experiences.

  1. I was driving my father-in-law’s Cadillac. I pulled into a gas station and drive around the cars that were parked at the pumps. As I was doing this, the person parked at the pump pulled out and side-swiped my car, causing a couple thousand dollars worth of damage. As this was private property, not a public road, we exchanged drivers license numbers. He admitted he was at fault, and gave me his insurance information. At first his insurance company agreed to pay, but then this guy changed his story and they denied the claim. My insurance company USAA, stepped in, paid the claim without hesitation, then negotiated with his company after the fact.
  2. Another time involved hail damage to the roof of my house. My previous insurance company denied my hail claims 3 times! I finally had enough and when USAA started handling home owners insurance, I jumped on board. the next time we had a hail storm, I submitted a claim to them. Even though much of the hail damage was old (because of the previous insurance company), USAA replaced my entire roof.

In both of the cases above, USAA did NOT raise my rates. They merely sent me a note thanking me for being a long time customer. I have to say, that they are so good, they can’t be ignored.

Now let me tell you about Vail Resorts. When it comes to being so good they can’t ignore you, Vail is […]

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