It is no secret that the holiday shopping season is when most retailers (and etailers) make the bulk of their money for the year. It is also not a secret that the pandemic pushed ecommerce forward ten years, making this the best time in history to have an online business.

Yet, I still see many online shop owners wondering how they can make more sales. If this is you, be sure to read this entire article.

Here is a simple question for you as we approach the end of the year: What was your best selling product in the past 6 weeks that has at least 2 related products? For example, If your best selling product was a fishing pole, do you also sell lures and reels? If your best selling product was a skirt, do you have a blouse and scarf that go with it? Send out a follow up email with these related items now!

Over the past month I’ve done short daily Facebook Live videos sharing lots of ways to increase your online sales, especially during the holiday season. Here are a few:

  • Blogs
  • Video
  • Sales funnel
  • Phone orders
  • Sms chat
  • Free lead magnets to grow email / text msg list
  • Email marketing
  • Text message marketing
  • Order bumps
  • Affiliates
  • Social media posts
  • Customer testimonials
  • Improved sales copy
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Money back guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Quality product images
  • Advertise to look alike audiences
  • Target Buyer personas
  • Exit intent pop ups
  • Follow up offers
  • Remarketing ads
  • Run contests for sharing
  • Abandoned carts
  • Sell on multiple marketplaces

Despite this list, there remains one single best way to really grow your online sales. I describe that in my eBook, “Explode Your Online Sales.” This is my gift to you this Christmas. Be sure to download your copy here.

Of course, the biggest problem for most business owners is not a question of knowing what to do, but rather having the time to do everything. And if you do have the time, you might still be wondering exactly how to make this happen. That is why in early January (after the holiday dust has settled), I am starting a program just for online store owners like yourself.

For now, just grab a copy of the ebook, Explode Your Online Sales, and join the WebStores Facebook Group where you can view all the video streams from this past month. I’ll send you more information after Christmas.

Enjoy your holidays and your family! Talk soon.