Lead Magnets

8 students

When done, you will be creating not just one irresistible offer, but a continue stream of offers that will get visitors returning to your site over and over again.

The proper care and feeding of websites series: Lead Magnets for attracting and retaining customers and getting them to opt in to your email list. This course goes into detail about various types of lead magnets, how to create them and how frequently to update what you are offering on your website to grow your list.

One of the basic precepts of marketing is that anything worth marketing starts with an irresistible offer which causes people to stop and get excited and then grab the offer. Unless you begin with an offer that is irresistible why would people get excited about your website and products and services you have for sale? Most people’s websites don’t provide offers like this and many don’t give people something away that people value. Then they wonder why people aren’t opting in and sales aren’t being made.

In this course you will learn about:

  • pop up forms
  • online programs
  • gated content
  • static PDF’s
  • 3D flipbooks
  • interactive PDF’s
  • KDP
  • quizzes
  • calculators
  • mobile apps
  • free consults
  • private label rights
  • contests
  • sweepstakes
  • ecommerce lead magnets
  • free plus shipping
  • facebook registration



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