I created my first online event back in 2011, which I called the “Ecommerce Extravaganza.” This was a multi-day event where I invited a number of different speakers to each give a 30 to 45 minute presentation. It was all done live, with breaks in-between the speakers.Then, shortly after the release of “Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets,” I created a more updated online event that I called the “POWER+ Action Plan” in 2014. This was a similar format, where I invited speakers to each talk about a certain aspect of the POWER+ formula I created. This format is typically called a “Summit,’ which is really a collection of back-to-back webinars all related to a similar topic.

Of course, since then, online events have come a long way. 2020 motivated those who weren’t online to get familiar with it… fast.

In fact, even the Queen of England celebrated her 94th birthday over a Zoom meeting.

Whether you knew before if your clients were hanging out and buying online or not, one thing is for certain, they are now… and it’s only going to continue. Both virtual meetings and hybrid work is clearly here to stay as seen from the growth of Zoom.

Zoom of course is just one of several options for online meetings. Skype, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco’s WebEx have all reported tremendous growth as a result of the pandemic. Today it is easier than ever to host an online event. Video conferencing (meetings), webinars, and virtual summits (like those I described in the opening paragraph) can be hosted by almost anyone.

More complex events, such as an online trade show, still feel like online summits did back when I was getting started. But all that is changing, and fast. WebStores Ltd is now producing online trade shows and making it easy for you to participate, both as an exhibitor and an attendee. This may be one of the best ways to grow your online revenue ever! We’d love to show you more. Give us a call to schedule a demo and let us help you explode your online sales in this time of virtual and hybrid events.