Creating customer-centric copy is fundamental in connecting with your audience and ensuring that your message not only resonates but also engages and converts. It’s about shifting the focus from “We are great” to “You will benefit,” catering to the universal inquiry every customer holds at the forefront of their mind: “What’s in it for me?”

The Paradigm Shift to Customer-Centric Copy

Traditional company-centric content often showcases the company’s achievements, values, and self-perception. While there’s a place for this information, it shouldn’t dominate your homepage, which is often the first impression potential customers will have of your business.

Customers seek solutions, not companies. They have specific problems or desires, and they are searching for a service or product that can resolve or fulfill them. When they visit your website, they’re not looking to learn about the company’s internal processes or accolades; they’re looking for a beacon of hope for their issue. That’s why the homepage should speak to their needs, using language that places them at the center of the narrative. If you want to talk about yourself, that’s what the “About” page is for.

Why “You” Matters More Than “We”

Using “you” and “your” in your copy instantly makes the reader the main character in the story you’re telling. It’s a simple change in perspective that has profound implications. It’s the difference between:

  • “Our award-winning team delivers bespoke solutions.” (Company-focused)
  • “Achieve your goals with tailored solutions that win awards.” (Customer-focused)

The second statement transforms the message into one that is directly relevant to the reader’s aspirations.

Leveraging AI to Craft Customer-Centric Content

The advancements in AI have been pivotal for entrepreneurs and business owners who need to align their brand message with customer-centric narratives. AI tools, like the one created by WebStores Ltd., can analyze existing company-centric copy and reframe it into customer-centric language.

Here is an example from an actual website. They never ever say what they do or who their site is for!

If your website looks like this, you need to fix it ASAP! Tell people what you do (it turns out the example above is for a real estate development company, so tell your visitors that!). Try this custom AI tool to see how this works:

The Bottom Line

The focus on the customer isn’t just about semantics or marketing tactics; it’s a reflection of the company’s alignment with the needs and desires of its clientele. Entrepreneurs and business owners must recognize that the most compelling way to connect with a customer is to enter their world and speak their language.

AI doesn’t just offer a shortcut to rewording; it offers a paradigm shift in approach. With AI, businesses can efficiently overhaul their content to resonate with the very heart of their clientele, ensuring that every visitor feels seen, understood, and, most importantly, catered to. This isn’t just good copywriting; it’s smart business.