This weekend is the start of when most retail businesses make all of their money for the year.  Beginning with Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve, many stores will do the bulk of their annual sales. We have Black Friday, which has now begun the instant it turns Friday (at Midnight). Today is Small Business Saturday. And Monday is what is now termed as “Cyber Monday” – the day that online stores have their big promotions to allow people to buy whatever they couldn’t find locally.

As a result of running email campaigns for various customers, I helped contribute to the spam in your inbox, sending out tens of thousands of emails trying to get you to part with your money on my client’s behalf.

But what happens between now and Christmas? What is special about those days? Or for that matter the rest of the year? How can you attract customers to purchase from you on other days? Did you know that there is a holiday almost every day of the year? Can you use this to drive sales? Maybe, but the important thing about marketing is that you have to do something new and unusual – most of the ads we see are the same boring thing offering the same thing – usually a discount to get people to buy. If you have some unique ways of promoting you products, I’d love to hear about them (and perhaps interview you) – Contact me and we can talk about it.

Here’s a short story about one client who runs a feed store. Twice a year they hold a pet swap in their parking lot. People come from all over to pick up a “free” puppy, kitten or rabbit. Then they proceed to go inside the store to buy all the supplies for their new pet. Now that’s marketing! And it doesn’t take Cyber Monday to create a buzz. What’s your best marketing story?