In my last post, I talked about Guy Kawasaki’s new book on enchanting your customers. Today I’m going to talk about the opposite of that – pissing off your customers. This is something you do NOT want to do.

Almost 3 weeks ago I had a water pipe break in my basement destroying thousands of dollars worth of possessions. After continually hounding my insurance company, I was finally notified today that they were going to give me a pre-paid credit card so I could re-buy the damaged items. For over 16 years I have paid for replacement cost insurance and now that I have a claim, they are giving me what they perceive to be 5% of the original value?!?! Is this legal? Can a company that sells you something essentially change the rules after the fact? I have been waiting for weeks to put my house back in order and now I’m told that replacement cost insurance is basically a lie?

Business owners – do not piss off your customers! Listen to Guy Kawasaki – go buy his book.