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Most Requested Presentation Themes

Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets…This is Greg’s flagship presentation based on his best-selling book. Learn how to use the power of others to market and sell for you. Do you like selling? Most of us don’t – selling is an activity that the majority of people prefer to avoid.

In this entertaining and engaging presentation, Greg shows you how you can thrive using the same techniques that Amazon uses to make your business successful.

Grow Your Online Sales… There is a huge misconception that the best way to get noticed online is to be number one on Google. This is like the “Field of Dreams” thought, “If you build it, they will come.” And of course, once you are on the first page of Google, you will get rich. This simply isn’t the case. You don’t get to be popular by being number one on Google – you get to be number one by being popular in the first place!

During this information-packed presentation, you will learn how to become “popular” on the Internet, without having a massive marketing budget.


Most Requested Workshop Topics:

YouTube Secrets…The number two search engine is an awesome way to grow your business. People would rather watch the Internet than read it.

Facebook Secrets…The giant of social media can be leveraged for business purposes.

Email Secrets…When is the best time to send an email? How often should you email? How do you build a list?

SEO Secrets…Just because you built it, doesn’t mean that they will come. Come learn exactly how to drive traffic to your site.

Imaging Secrets…What’s the difference between gif, jpg, png and pdf files? What resolution is best for the web? How do you optimize images?

Pinterest Secrets…Can Pinterest really drive sales to your website? How can you get maximum exposure for your pins?

Additional Topics…Getting Started with WordPress, Google Analytics, Affiliate Secrets, Wholesale or B2B Secrets.

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Greg Jameson is the author of the Best-Selling book, “Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets: How to use the Power of Others to Market and Sell for You.” He is also a Colorado Small Business of the Year and Inc 500 Award Winning Entrepreneur. He has spoken to audiences around the world about software solutions. He is the past president of Castle Rock Toastmasters and currently serves as the Area Governor for Denver Metro Area 6 Toastmasters.

Greg is a software expert, having developed three commercial software applications, all of which remain on the market today. His first product, a landscape design program that worked with AutoCAD, was sold through a dealer channel nationally and a distribution channel internationally in over 20 countries. Since the advent of the Internet, he has been designing and running hundreds of websites. He brings this experience to his presentations which are always engaging and entertaining.

Past Engagements / Audiences:

  • Ecommerce Summit, Las Vegas, NV
  • International Federation of Landscape Architects, Boston, MA
  • Master Nursery Garden Centers, Philadelphia, PA
  • Denver Design Center, Denver, CO
  • Creative Connections, Denver, CO
  • Toro Dealer Convention, Jackson Hole, WY
  • Autodesk International Asia-Pacific Tour
  • Cirad, Geneva, Switzerland
  • International Irrigation Society, Tel Aviv, Israel