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I’ve been building websites and helping over 200 customers with their ecommerce sites since 1995. I’ve created blogs, podcasts, taught at 2 local colleges, written multiple best-selling books, and presented on-stage along side of the some of most notable marketers on the internet including, Armand Morin, Joel Comm, Andrea Vahl, Ken McArthur, and others. I’ve learned a lot over the past 2 decades, going through trial and error, attending seminars and webinars, reading books, taking classes, and generally educating myself. It is time to share my knowledge, and it isn’t going to cost you $200K to learn everything that has taken me decades. In fact, you get all of my experience in as little as 12 weeks!

When it comes to learning how to master your own destiny in the online world you have lots of choices. You can do it yourself, learning from a variety of online sources including YouTube and lots of trial and error. The truth is, you don’t need more content (although I’m going to provide you with plenty of that in WebStores University). What you need is a way to get from where you are now to where you want to be – fast. It’s like the difference between driving a Peel P50 or driving a Tesla roadster. What you really need is a safe place to learn while getting results quickly – (I’m going to give you that too, as you will have direct access to me and the other students).

You don’t need to finish all the lessons and learn everything to benefit from the courses at WSU. But you do need to have a framework that will allow you to build and maintain your own website. And that is the goal at WSU – not to be the next Greg Jameson or the next tech guru, but to provide you with the tools to run your own online business in a safe environment to experiment and learn.

I get it – you want to make candy, candles, jewelry or belt buckles. You may even consider yourself a technophobe who doesn’t know much when it comes to making money online. But you are a master at what you do and you want to be able to update your website without relying on others, or at least understand the process if you decide to hire someone to help you.

That’s where I can help. WebStores University isn’t just another online course. It a complete program that includes me as your personal instructor. Sure, you get hours of prerecorded how-to videos. You get an online knowledge base and reference materials. But you also get a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and live instruction. Most importantly, you get results! Here’s the way it works – just like signing up for a class at college, you register and pay for the program you want. Class then starts on a specific day and time, and you are encouraged to attend the live classes. Unlike college however, the courses are recorded, so you can go back and watch them again at your convenience, as well as any of the prerecorded lessons.

This is what’s included:
  • Real-time live courses
  • Live instructor interaction (weekly office hours) for 6 weeks
  • Pre-recorded video Lessons
  • Extensive Knowledge Base to quickly find the answers to any question
  • Email access to instructor
  • Lifetime online community and reference library at WebStores University
  • Lifetime access to private Facebook group



  • Free hosting during the live portion of the class (save money and get started quickly, even if you don’t have a website)
  • Audio recordings that you can listen to in your car (save time if you can’t get on the live conferences)
  • If you pay in full, I will also give you:
    • A copy of my book, “The Influencer Effect”
    • A copy of my book, “Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets”
    • WebStores University T-shirt


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As you can see, my goal was to not just make this the best set of online courses out there, but the best value. This course is a steal at $2997, but with the monthly payment plan, it is literally a no-brainer for anyone running a WordPress website. And that’s the point – I want you to take advantage of this offer today, so you don’t have to waste 2 decades learning this material like I did or spending money on courses that don’t work. When you have successfully completed all the lessons and received a passing grade on the quizzes, you get a certificate of completion ready for framing. Each course comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
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