Last week I read numerous articles about how the Facebook Newsfeed would soon become a legacy product – it will essentially go away in favor of private messaging. See one such article here.  Here is why this is significant: Nothing lasts for ever. If you are relying on social media sites as your sole place to post articles, drive traffic, or establish a web presence, then you are basically “renting” space. When (not if) a platform changes, gets bought, or goes away, you are vulnerable yourself. It is critical for your business that you have your own home on the internet (that is, that you have your own website and can control your own visitors). This is why it is so important to grow your email list where you own the customer. Having 10,000 fans on Facebook or Instagram is NOT the same as having an email list of even 1,000 true fans. Not only are email open rates better than organic Facebook reach, but no one can take them away from you. yes, they might unsubscribe, but some third party, like Facebook, isn’t suddenly going to change their business model and stop giving you access to them.

So what will happen if the Facebook Newsfeed goes away? Will a competitor step in and take over this space, or is this model past its prime? Will we all stop wasting time on social media and get our lives back? Personally, I don’t think so – we have all become accustomed to communicating with each other via social media channels and we enjoy it.